My resume is now available online.

I’ve had a couple of people request that I post a link to my resume online so they could grab it and help pass it around so here it it is in Microsoft Word format.

I was initially a little worried about my home address and phone number being in the resume until I realized that all it takes is a little cleverness to find that stuff out already as Shana so aptly demonstrated by sending me a Christmas gift by surprise. I appreciate all the tips and job listings folks have been kind enough to forward to me as it’s been a big help. Keep ‘em coming.

11 thoughts on “My resume is now available online.

  1. Just as a general observation, unless you have done so already, re-save the resume as a new Word file. This way, all editing information and the potential for related oopses will removed.

  2. Good luck Les!  I too am in your shoes…well kinda.  I’m job hunting in the IT secter but unlike you I have little experience as I’m just finishing school.  So here’s good luck to us both!

  3. Some points that I thought I might mention about your resume.

    It seems that your achievements is mixed up with your hobbies. Your achievements should go to your objectives. Also, perhaps this is just a style issue but is it wise to start off the objective section with “I wish.” Perhaps a more assertive and to the point statement of “To secure …”

    Also it seems that your resume is a block of words. Perhaps your could use a table for the qualifications part. Two simple column with the left hand side column being more narrow and a simple few word summary and the right hand column the expansion:
    |XP, Linux | 13 years experience …|
    |Unix, etc |
    You could also bold the left hand column. It makes it easier to read as people often read from left to right.

    Having said that, you should not take what I say too seriously as my experience in looking for job I believe is quite different from most people.

  4. Hmm. I’ve run the resume past a lot of people here at work that do interviews on a regular basis and it’s the result of their collective input. But thanks for criticizing it publicly. I’m sure that’ll help my job search.


  5. Actually, I didn’t use Times New Roman. I used Garamond. If you don’t have Garamond on your system, though, then it’ll default to Times New Roman.

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