Microsoft’s “new” anti-spyware tool to be available Thursday.

According to this entry on the folks at Microsoft have distributed an internal Beta 1 escrow build of the anti-spyware tool they acquired when they bought up Giant Software to their internal beta testers with the aim of a public release on January 6th:

“Atlanta” is the code-name for Microsoft’s rehashed GIANT Software Anti-Spyware. In a memo internally, the company looks clear to distribute the software this coming Thursday calling it “new, it’s fresh, and it’s all good”.

Encouraging employees to install the Beta is one of the many ways Microsoft tests Beta products internally. It’s not clear whether the release this Thursday will be a public beta or a private external beta.

They also have a small collection of screen shots available for the curious. Of course the big question everyone is asking is: Will it detect and remove spyware from official Microsoft Partners? Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

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