[Editor’s Note: I’m posting this on the basis of it being an excellent bad example of the the sort of post you might want to think twice about before submitting to SEB and also as a reminder of the importance in taking your medication every day when the nice men in the white lab coats give it to you. As an example of someone who is overly credulous it is beyond compare. I sincerely hope the author was trying to be satirical, but somehow I fear that this was written in all sincerity. A frightening thought indeed.]

I know there are people in this world who do not believe in the paranormal.  I personally always had a interest in it . I had a experience with this and it has totally changed my life.  Guess what it was for the good.  It has made me so much closer to god.  I have spirits with me all the time.  There in my home there everywhere I go.
Sometimes I see them, hear, feel there prescence, smells.  They are here.  I have over 50 pictures to prove it.  I was told I had some physcic abilities and that I just didn’t know how to use them.  This is some of them.  I just recently found out I could communicate with them through what is called channel writing.  I never thought anything like this would happen to me but it has.
I have been writing poems on the paranormal ever since this has happened and most of them have been published.  I have never
been able to write poetry before in my life.  I believe this has been for a reason.  There are more spirits in this world than there are people.  So there is life after death and we can communicate with them.    I just want to say GOD BLESS THEM ALL!  This has been going on now for about 2 years.
Rose M. Wise

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  1. I assume channel writing is some type of spirit guiding your hand to write what it has to say, however I wasn’t certain so I did a quick search to see if I was in the ballpark.  I ran across this poem written by Ms. Wise and posted at

    I was hoping this was satirical instead of sad.


  2. Maybe her lack of ability to spell shows a little towards her having low intelligence and believing odd things. Also, if she’s old, she could just have been getting senile these past two years and people are humouring her by saying “Of course you have psychic abilities, now just take these pills”…

  3. A couple of you are just young kids so what do you know.  As far as me being on medication.
    I’m afraid to say absolutely none. 
    I don’t expect any of you to believe what I have said.  Thats fine. 
    As far as my poetry is concerned. I don’t need big works to express how I feel or what has happened to me.  What matters to me is they all
    have been published, and theses are things that have happened to me.  Just remember what I have said there is life after death.  I suggest you get a little closer to god and quit the bad mouthing.  He sure doesn’ like that.  As far as my age I will not say.  I will say I’m in my early 40’s.  I believe the way you are in life is they way you will be after death.  So try to be nicer.  GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU AND HAVE A NICE DAY! MAYBE YOU SHOULD READ A LITTLE MORE ABOUT THE SPIRITUAL WORLD.  YOU’LL UNDERSTAND MORE ABOUT WHAT I’M TRYING TO SAY.

  4. I believe you meant you were physcic.
    There’s more spirits in this world than there are people.  There around us everyday. I truly believe when someone talks about the spiritual world and the spirits around us it scares people.
    I will tell you what scary is.  Not being right with god is whats scary. Think about it. When you die don’t you want to go to heaven.  There are so many earthbound spirits they have stayed behind afraid of being judged by god because they didn’t do right or didn’t believe in him.

  5. I know as much as you about god and I can tell you for a fact that god does not care for humans anymore than humans care for ants or trees or viruses. If you want to think that you know more than us “kids” then so be it.
    I too am better at certain things since 2 years…
    Also a lot of people experience the “unexplainable” but it does not mean that your experiences carry a message for everybody. If angels talk to you then they are talking to you right, not to me.

    I understand you want to be special.

    Don’t turn your visions or experiences into a gimmick.

  6. Spirits,

    I wish I were physcic….  I have no idea what being physcic would require, but it sounds like a lot of fun….  Or did you mean psychic?  If you meant psychic, I think that’s all hogwash, maybe a little bit of baloney too.  The last “psychic” I met told me that I had balls of energy flying out of my head and that I would become a great world leader.  That was before I got her to admit that she was in fact at the time under the influence of hallucinogens.

    Now this all said, I don’t think that all drugs are bad.  I think that you might benefit from regular doses of Zyprexa, Risperdal, or Geodon.  They help get rid of those pesky delusions.

  7. The sad thing is, when Rose dies and finds out she’s wrong … she won’t be able to notice it.

    Rose, I’m your age, and it doesn’t take age to know that you’ve got quite a problem there.  You want to be special and you’re deluding yourself.  Not everyone needs to talk to “spirits” to get their poetry published, but if it makes you happy, good for you. 

    If you don’t care whether we believe you, why are you even posting here?  I think you care a lot, and deep down you know you’re making all this up in your head.  You want someone to reassure you that you’re not dreaming, but nobody here will do you that favor.  Better try some paranormal sites if you want any support for your fantasy.

  8. I will tell you what scary is.

    The fact that you can legally vote in Presidential elections is what I find scary.

  9. I apologize for getting so many people upset.
    I was offended first.
    I’m not here to judge anyone.  You all have a right to believe what you want.
    I was only hear to tell of a experience I have had with the paranormal.
    I was told I don’t belong here. I did find that this website does mention the paranormal.
    That was the only reason I entered here.
    Thats fine there’s to many other websites that
    cover the paranormal.
    There’s to many other people that believe in it.
    There was a remark about someone saying I think
    I’m special. The experience I had didn’t make me
    think I was special it just made me feel special.
    What is so wrong with that. 
    So if you think I’m crazy then your saying all the other’s that have had similiar experiences are to.
    If you don’t know anything about it you shouldn’t be judging anyone.
    I’m just happy this has gave the closeness I have with god.
    That’s all that matters to me not what people think.
    I’am beauty Love and Light
    I’am surrounded and infused
    with the Love of God
    I’am filled with Love of my
    fellow human beings.
    The Love and Light of God flows
    to me and from me.

    By the way I do not vote.
    Thanks everyone for the comments!

  10. Hey!Hey!Hey….don’t leave…

    We love you too !

    Rose, you droped on this site like a bomb saying “I know there are people in this world who do not believe in the paranormal.”

    To me, that shouldn’t have been your first sentence.

    you say you have pictures to prove something…where are they?

    The truth is that not a lot of people here are in need of enlightenment from god.

    Please understand the reaction.

  11. That’s not a very good excuse.  I have all kinds of pictures.  Where can they be downloaded at and I will be glad to send them.

  12. I believe you meant you were physcic.

    No, I meant physics, as in E=MC^2, quantuam mechanics, electricity, etc.

    Not psychic, as in Soc. Swine being presidente el cootie en fuego.

  13. Rose,

    I must appologize, my previous post was somewhat rude.  However, I wrote it under the assumption that you were being facetious (or at least disingenuous) and attempting to draw a reaction with your entry.

    That said, if you are indeed serious, it does strike me that perhaps you might consider psychiatric assessment.  Some of the experiences you describe are consistent with the symptoms of psychosis.  Not that I’m suggesting that you are mentally ill, but hey why not be safe rather than sorry.  Also if your experiences are indeed valid, I’m sure they warrant study.

  14. Rose, if you stay here, posting, you will find a couple people with a lot of patience (and as long as you don’t try any rhetorical tricks, even a couple people who will really talk to you instead of just laughing at you).

    But you won’t be finding many who will support your views.

  15. Don’t judge someone you don’t know anything about. You can go to fspp foundation it’s a paranormal page where you will find some of my pictures.  Go to help and then our readers.
    I don’t have to prove to anyone but if your not satisfied this is where you can find some of them.
    You need to go on a ghost haunting with me.
    Then I will prove you wrong. Ha Ha!
    It’s very interesting. As a matter of fact there all in my house you could just come here.

  16. This has all the ingredients to become one of the most commented threads, so I thought I’d just nudge it along.


  17. Pictures do lie, especially now in the age of photoshop and digital cameras.  However, even before the advent of digital photography, pictures still lied.  There are numerous tricks that one can use to create misleading photographs.  I mean just consider publications like men’s magazines.  If you believe that there are any real women who look like the women in Maxim, Playboy, or…I can’t think of any other titles, then I would again suggest psychiatric assessment. 

    That said, could you provide an url for the fspp foundation website?

  18. You can go to fspp foundation it’s a paranormal page where you will find some of my pictures.  Go to help and then our readers.

    Holy smoke and mirrors.

    Amazing what a little cigarette smoke in the air looks like on film. I have a ton of photos just like them, but I consider them ‘unfortunate’, not paranormal.

    Don’t smoke while taking your ghost pictures and they’ll all go away.

    Don’t tell me you (or housemate) doesn’t smoke, the cigs and ashtray are in one of the pictures.

  19. You’ll find all kinds of excuses. Thats okay.
    You can come to my home and see all you want.
    I made a believer out of alot of people.
    There’s spirits right beside you now.
    But you don’t have the ability to see it.
    There’s to many pictures that I have taken to
    say they are all false. Sorry that want work.
    You have a nice day.  I have to go to the website where the ones believe.  If you would like send me your email address and I’ll send you one of my favorite pictures.

  20. If the pictures are so good, then why is it not posted with your others? Post them.

    Oh, on P1010018.jpg, the kitchen photo, were you TRYING to gray someone out of the photo? I hope like hell that’s not supposed to be a gray entity of some sort.

    Have you taken up James Randi on his $1 million prize for proof of the paranormal? I’d get on it….

  21. I wished that’s all it was. Was a little smoke.
    You don’t think we haven’t try to come up with some logical explanation.  There ghost, and spirits.  Not smoke. Not false pictures.
    Maybe one day you all will experience something like this.  If you do let me know.
    It will change your life to.

  22. Like I said, I’ve got some party pictures just brimming with ‘spirits’ like yours. Wanna see them?

    The logical explanation is that you are a smoker and either inadvertently caught smoke in the air, or were doing so on purpose to convince others you have something special going on in your life.

    Someone smokes in that house, no? Then why is smoke not the logical explanation. Because you say so?

  23. For well over one hundred years, people have been looking for some form of evidence to prove the existence of the paranormal. For just as long, rational people like Harry Houdini, Penn & Teller and James Randi have been debunking such claims. After all that time and literally hundreds of thousands of attempts, do you know how much evidence exists for the paranormal?

    Zilch. Zip. Nothing. Nada.

    Thanks for playing, though.

  24. Well I’m glad you found my pictures.  Thats nothing to compare to what others I have. That was a picture of my husband.  I didn’t want him to be seen on the internet.  We do smoke.  I do not smoke before taking pictures. Most of them were taken by professional paranormal investigators.  I just might enter this contest.
    Thats a great idea.

  25. Rose,

    Don’t take this the wrong way, but the pictures aren’t particularly convincing.  Photography is a hobby of mine, and many of the pictures on the site are consistent with a dirty lens or as Brandi suggested smoking while taking the picture.  I have numerous pictures that look like that because I hadn’t noticed a speck of dirt on the lense or because I was wearing a fuzzy sweater and gotten lint on my camera.

  26. The paranormal is getting more and more common everyday.  There are tv programs you should watch.
    Like I said I don’t expect you to believe unless you have experienced it yourself.
    I’m not here to really try to convince anyone.
    I’m only here to tell my experience.
    Case closed I have a haunting to go to.
    I’m also writing a book on the paranormal.
    I have to many other people who believe so it doesn’t matter whether you believe.

  27. You can say what you want about the pictures.
    You will not convince me otherwise. 
    This has been going on for about 2 years.
    There’s no other explanations. Sorry! Like I said
    we have tried coming up with all kinds of solutions.  There all proof of the spiritual world.  Thanks anyway for the information.

  28. Okay, I just looked at the pictures. *ahem*

    I was going to go with the accidental smudge or smoke theory after looking at the first couple pictures and assume you were just gullible. The grayed out guy, however, is a different story. That’s a piss poor photo manipulation done in photoshop or some similar program and that makes the pictures deliberate fraud and not just a misguided mistake.

    Shame on you…

  29. Wow, this just gets funnier and funnier with each passing comment. You can’t buy this kind of entertainment.

  30. I cannot sit here all night trying to convince you of something you will not believe.  I told you I’am only telling a experience I have had with the paranormal.  It’s not my place to judge you for what you believe and don’t believe. This is a true experience I have had and it still goes on as I speak.  Maybe you would understand it more if you would read about the paranormal.
    But I would rather not be called a liar.  I don’t make a habit of making up things in my life especially something like this.  If you don’t believe me that’s fine.  I go to church and I believe in god. I wouldn’t dare make something up that god could hear.  He knows whats going on in my life and that’s all that matters.  So all of you non believers maybe someday you will believe. If you like poetry read some of my poems.  It’s all about my experience.  Go to Painted perfectly.  Spirits is the name.

  31. I’m glad you like it.  One day you may see a spirit.  I could really get right down to the nitty gritty but I had better not. I’m not a evil person.  By the way I’m a researcher.

  32. But I would rather not be called a liar.

    Then don’t piss on my shoes and tell me its raining.

    That photo is doctored. Period.

    I’ve played with photoshop enough to know a badly altered photo when I see one. Even Hanz Holzer would have laughed that one off.

  33. Evidence for the paranormal does not exist because it’s not normal, it’s paranormal.

    That said, I’m not trying to defend Rose, whose pictures are as convincing as America is a good Country. They’re just pictures of stuff and cigarette smoke, nothing real. I do believe in the paranormal, but it’s people like Rose that give believers a bad name. No offense, Rose.

    Now, let’s get psychical, psychical, I wanna get psychical…

  34. Oh I’m sorry I have one more comment to make.
    I don’t care how far back and how long people have been trying to find evidence of the paranormal that still doesn’t change the fact on what has happened to me.  Unless you believe in it.  It will never happen to you.  You have to believe.  I felt the same way you did but, I always had a interest in the paranormal.  It sure convinced me otherwise.

  35. Insense, that’s what it is.
    I’ve just taken a couple of pics that resemble those Rose has taken.

    Where can I upload them?

    By the way…my girlfriend calls this the “spirits producer”!.

  36. A researcher of what, if you don’t mind my asking?
    And as a follow up, since, I’m assuming that you are a “researcher” of the paranormal, how does one become credentialed to become a “researcher?”


  37. Evidently you don’t believe in it enough. Sorry I have been studying on it for about 2 years and I’m the one who had the experience not you.
    You all are the ones who give the spirit world a bad name.  What stuff. What is stuff?  See that shows what you know nothing. Go attack some of the other believers you want have a chance.

  38. A researcher of what, if you don’t mind my asking?
    And as a follow up, since, I’m assuming that you are a “researcher

  39. I research on the paranormal.  You people or afraid that maybe this is the truth.  You don’t really want to know the truth.  There’s plenty of it on the internet.  Read you might learn something.

  40. I couldn’t be more honest than you sitting there calling me a liar.  God knows the truth.

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