How many licks does it take…

…to get to the juicy, money-filled centre of a horrible national tragedy? A-one (appear as a shaken-up witness), a-two (wait for the jury to convict the guy against whom she testified to be sentenced), a-three (wait for him to get the death penalty)!

When Amber Frey’s memoir went on sale on my birthday 3 days ago, some people have reäcted harshly towards her for the book, while others don’t see anything wrong. There are two ways to look at it:

  1. She’s just giving the people what they want. If they want to know everything that happened in two peoples’ personal lives, she has every right to distribute that information.
  2. What a bitch! I can’t believe she’s trying to profit from a horrible crime like this.

I’d like to know what the other folk at SEB think. Personally I think it’s a smart move; Americans are nosy and want all the personal info they can get. She’ll make a fortune from this.

15 thoughts on “How many licks does it take…

  1. I think it’s a sad commentary on the society of roadside accident gawkers and reality television watchers that we’ve become. That said, I don’t see any contradiction in viewing Ms. Frey as fitting into both examples that you list above.

  2. I agree with both comments!  A person who would capitalize on the murder of a mother and her infant with details of her connection with the killer just because she screwed him is a bitch. The people who buy this type of book (and others like it) are bottom feeding, low life, sickos who should have to sign their name at the counter when they purchase such trash so it can be posted.  Let everyone see what a twisted bunch of people live near them.  Also most of this realty show shit has reached a level so low that even we who are not ‘God-fearing’ can’t stomach it anymore!  My opinion but I don’t think i’m alone!

  3. I think it’s in poor taste. She’s playing the role of the victem here. Maybe America wants it. I guess she has the right to profit from it. But just because she can, does not mean she should.

    I, too, agree with both statements. She may be giving people what they want, but I still think she’s a sick, self-centered bitch for doing it.

  4. Let’s hope the text of her book is quickly pirated and posted on the Internet, so we can all read her dirty laundry for free without paying her, or her publishing company, a dime.

  5. i happen to like celebrities and all the gossipy goodness that comes along with them. but this, for me, is just in poor taste. 

    of course she stands to make a fortune but i feel like if she really and truly cared about what happened to laci peterson, she’d just go on with her life.  people have already formed their opinions about her – just let it go.

  6. While I never cared for Laci Peterson, a book written by her husband’s mistress isn’t going to add or detract from Ms. Peterson’s reputation. It does strike me as something odd, though, that a person would write about something sordid and reprehensible and expose one’s self to a lifetime of criticism for a wad of cash. It’s not something I could do.

  7. Amen, Momma.  This crap disgusts me.  Reality television has always disgusted me.  If I want a dose of reality, I get up and go outside.

    Anytime a horrible tragedy is picked up by the media and splashed all over the country, I feel sad for those involved.  I know that if something like that happened in my family, I wouldn’t want the kind of attention that Laci’s family has received.  And then for Amber Frey to publish a self-aggrandizing “I was there” book?  That’s just all kinds of rude and shameful.  And now Laci’s family will have a print reminder of their daughter’s horrible death in bookstores for years to come, just when they thought it was finally over.

  8. If you think that some other sicko isn’t going to write a book about this case, i refer you to the 100’s of books about the Charles Manson murders.

    Would it be somehow better if someone with no connection to this case other than thru the media wrote this book and took all the profits?

  9. Why don’t we just get her a t-shirt that says, “I cheated with Scott Peterson on his wife and now I’m milking his murder of her for fame and profit!”
    I mean, her position ain’t exactly something to be proud of, even if she didn’t know he was married.

    The only scenario I could imagine producing a decent book would be one in which a historian interested in the case, its context, and its aftermath went about properly researching and examining the case in order to present it in a thoughtful and worthwhile book.  Other than that, they’re all money mongerers IMO.

  10. I’m sitting here looking at my checkbook, wondering how the hell I’m going to pay the already overdue rent, much less the phone bill and the able bill, and I have to be honest, If someone offered me a large payday for that kind of book, I’d accept it in a minute. I don’t know much about Amber Fry, I don’t know if she needed the money or not, but as hard as it is to make ends meet these days, I begrudge nobody their shot at the big paycheck.

  11. Momma nails it with ‘bottom feeding’.
    I wouldn’t buy it but I suppose she’s got her right to say whatever she wants.
    It just has the crass ring of tacky, cheap, and desperate.

  12. Unfortunately, being sick in bed last weekend, I was affronted by this trashy skankbag being interviewed on all the news shows.  She couldn’t spit one word out of that tiny little mouth-hole without first looking at her ever-present attorney, Gloria Allred, for approval.  When asked by the interviewer on FOX at what point she planned to write a book, neither one would give an answer. “We decided at the appropriate time.” I’d bet she planned it the moment she figured out she would be involved.  They disgust me no end.

    If I hear her portrayed one more time as a “victim,” my head will explode. She’s an idiotic, desparate & incredibly stupid woman who was looking for any halfway decent (and I use that term loosely) man to be her next baby daddy.  She did, however, find someone as I believe she has spit out another spawn.

    Amber is indeed a bottom feeder, sucking the slime off her fleeting 15 minutes of fame. I care not one tiny bit about Lacy Peterson and the whole mess, but I’m very tired of the rest of the world caring so much that it’s in my face all the time.

    Eeek.  What a rant.

  13. Cindi, your last paragraph was right on the money. Don’t buy Amber Frey’s book; it’s garbage. Any intelligent person should be astonished that any of those people in this case are famous. Laci’s, much less Amber’s, story is NOT IMPORTANT NEWS. Just afew weeks ago I found this site that actually CRITICIZED CNN for covering the War in Iraq (this was back in March of 2003, you see) because it TOOK AWAY from the Peterson case. Um, yeah. Anyway, Amber Frey is trash. She capitalized on her 15 minutes of fame, and is probably rolling in all the dough she made from someone else’s murder. That’s sick. Just goes to show you the state of the nation’s media today. Filthy, filthy, filthy….
    Ps, Speaking of Laci, has anyone seen this site:
    It’s a “musical tribute” to her featuring some of the worst music ever made. Tondy Handy’s song is particularly annoying as hell.

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