Hmmm. Maybe that wasn’t such a good idea…

Being a new year and all I thought I’d take a moment and indulge in a popular past time of bloggers and list off the entries from the previous year I thought were pretty good or significant in some way. I figured I’d dig through the archives, pick out a bunch, narrow it down to 10 or 15 really good entries, and then post links to them with a short blurb on what they were about.

Around about the 35th entry I realized that I wasn’t even into March yet and if I kept up at the pace I was going I’d not get anything done at work today, let alone have any hope of narrowing the list down to just 15 or so links, so I decided not to do this after all. Or at least not right at the moment. Maybe later once I get home.

Let’s just say last year was a bumper crop of entries for SEB…

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