Happy New Year 2005!

Here’s hoping your New Year’s Eve was happy and safe and your New Year will be a prosperous one.

I had intended to sit down and write a whole bunch of entries yesterday, but ended up driving out to my brother’s to take another whack at the kid’s PCs as they’re still acting a little flaky. Ended up bringing my niece’s home with me so I could do a complete rebuild from the ground up as it is crashing randomly on us with just about every application installed. Sometimes it’s best to just scrap it and start over from step one and see if the second time around doesn’t work out better. I’m rather disappointed to find that the DVD/CD-RW drives we put in the kid’s machines are incompatible with some copy protection schemes out there. We bought my nephew a copy of Call of Duty for Christmas and the single player won’t run on his system because the Rosewill drive chokes when checking the protection. I just verified with my niece’s PC that it has the same problem so it’s the drive that’s the culprit. The multiplayer works fine because it doesn’t require a CD check. So I’ll be working on my niece’s PC throughout the day today.

I’ll also be trying to get back into posting more entires. I’ve got a Christmas wrap-up entry I’ve been kicking around to put on the site and I’ve got a lot of current events to catch up on. Hopefully you’re not all too hung over to visit the site today.

5 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2005!

  1. An easy remedy would be to get Daemon Tools or some other copy-protection blocker. Or even easier just head to http://www.gamecopyworld.com and pick up the no-cd exe. CD’s in drive are ridiculous anyway. Han’t been a game that actually loads from that CD in tray since about 1998 or even earlier. Games nowadays install fully and just require the CD in their as a cheap anti-piracy technique.

  2. Happy 2k5 everybody!

    Spocko is mostly recovering from a major Windows® crashola more than anything. angry Got bored over the holidays (man I hate that word) and decided to play around with a few defraggers to see which one I like best. Tried the one that comes with XPMCE then Diskeeper (which is by the same folks I think) and PerfectDisk. One of these fuckers fried my MFT indexing er somethin’ and I’ve been in computer hell for the last 3 days. Whilst doing a boot defrag it crashed, during CHKDSK I think, and then it would just reboot over and over. I’m pretty sure I saw a Blue Sreen of Death flash in there but it would automatically reboot before you got the chance to read a single character.

    shock Pharg!

    I was afraid I’d lost shitloads of data but at least I had just recently backed up about 40gig onto DVD. I tried a “repair” from the Windows CD to no avail so I had to do a complete install. Ended up losing all my drivers and installed apps and trying multiple versions of XP. Couldn’t get my 5.1 speakers working correctly so I tried this over and over about 10 times. Finally ended up with the latest version of XP and I’m back “on the air”. What a drag! sick Luckily I have another machine connected to the net so I could download some drivers.

    On the bright side, I’ve been wanting to do a clean install lately anyway – this thing’s been slowing down and it’s been fickle about shutting down properly so it’s good to just wipe out all the bloat you get from installing and uninstalling many apps. I picked up a lot of good info about shutting down unneeded Windows “services” over at BlackViper and I can feel a major speed increase now. I also decided to install Winders on my other hard drive in case this shit happens again. Hopefully I’ll be able to boot from at least one of them.

    I think I’ll try O&O Defrag next. rolleyes

  3. Happy 2005, everyone!

    We slid into the New Year (as they say here in Austria) easily by going to bed early and allowing the rockets and firecrackers and Roman candles to wake us up just before midnight.

    Luckily, no computer problems here, other than my son complaining about how slow our PC at home is (HL2 at about 5 fps).  I guess it’s time for a new one, even though it’s not even four years old.  Unfortunately, computers are expensive here.  In the workshop, I’ve had a G4 (now running OS 10.3) for more than a year, and it hasn’t crashed once.  To be fair, I don’t run any fancy apps, and Macs aren’t for everyone (especially not gamers).  But for nongeeks such as myself, they are more or less idiotproof.

  4. Just wanted to say that I LOVE your chic lampshade, Les.  Happy 2005!  May we all make a difference this year.

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