Hacked objects in “The Sims 2” spread like viruses.

Some owners of The Sims 2 have been complaining that there’s something strange happening to their games. Suddenly whole neighborhoods of people stopped aging or every coffee maker in the game develops the power to cure all your needs in a single cup or all your Sims become more than happy to adopt a polygamist lifestyle and your teenagers develop the ability to become pregnant when the game, as it normally ships, won’t even allow them to have sex. What the hell is going on? Hacked game objects are spreading like viruses, that’s what.

There’s a whole community of modders out there who wasted no time taking hex editors to the standard objects that shipped with the game to see what they could do with them carrying on a tradition from the first game. There’s literally thousands of hacked objects available for The Sims that allowed for all manner of actions not possible in the standard game including some that allowed your Sims to engage in some fairly graphic sex play in the kitchen or bedroom. Nothing that adult oriented has been made for the smash sequel yet, but it’s only a matter of time. Still with the first game you only had these objects if you went out of your way to find, download, and install them. Gamers who had never been anywhere near a mod site were suddenly finding their Sims 2 game being infiltrated by hacked objects and couldn’t figure out why.

Turns out it’s an unanticipated result of one of the game’s cooler features: The Lot Exchange. Design a really cool house and want to share it with other players? Package it up and upload it the exchange for anyone else to download into their own games. The problem is homes packaged this way will include any objects you put in it such as, say, a hacked coffee pot. When a player downloads a home with a hacked object it ends up superseding the normal object in the game so suddenly all your coffee pots are magical and that means that any lots with coffee pots in them that that person uploads to the exchange will help spread the hacked object further. Additionally, the more hacked objects that get added to your game the more you’re likely to spread them if you upload lots that have any of those objects in them. You could end up with hacked objects of all kinds simply by downloading lots from the official Sims website without even realizing it. Oops.

At one point as many as three-quarters of the lots on the exchange contained hacks, estimates Suzanne Walshire, a 57-year-old Sims 2 player from Pflugerville, Texas, and an early victim of the phenomenon.” It’s extremely widespread,” Walshire says. “Someone at Electronic Arts was really shortsighted not to have thought of hacked objects spreading this way. If they knew that their own objects would download with a house, they would know that other objects would download with a house also.”

But the company says it was indeed surprised. EA declined interview requests for this story, but last month, thirty days after the initial complaints rolled in, the company finally issued a warning about the spreading hacks on its Sims 2 forum. At the same time it announced that it had reprogrammed the exchange to identify any lots containing modified objects or behaviors, and to allow users to see all the elements in a property before installing it. “Our community continually surprises us by their creativity and dedication to pushing the game’s limits further then we ever dreamed possible!,” the company wrote, by way of explanation.

Not to fear, though, there is a solution at hand:

“I think the response wasn’t exactly timely,” says a Sims 2 hacker who asked to be identified by his online moniker, Jfade. By then the community, fearful of being blamed for the issue, had already developed its own solution. Modders took a page from the anti-virus industry and created a central list of identified hacks, their names and checksums, then wrote programs that can scan a user’s Sims 2 directory and isolate suspect files. “It allows them to see more details about the hack … and then they can either move it out of the downloads directory or delete it,” says Jfade, who authored one of the programs, called the Sims 2 Hack Scanner and Lister. “I knew I wouldn’t want to have these hacks, and in the process found out that I had quite a few.”

Had some of the more adult hacks developed for the original game were to have become widespread before anyone noticed this could have been a bad PR hit for the folks at Electronic Arts, but they seem to have gotten it under control. They’ve changed the Lot Exchange a bit so that it’s now possible to inspect the contents of a lot prior to downloading it and any non-Maxis created content will be flagged with a warning.  Plus you can use the info therein to locate the hacked object in your installation and delete it. This in combination with the Hack Scanners that have been developed should allow those folks who don’t want hacked objects lousing up their game from being overrun by them. Of course, this doesn’t stop someone from ignoring the warnings and installing the lots with hacked objects without realizing it, but if EA’s smart then the next patch/upgrade will incorporate some method of inspecting and alerting someone when a lot they’ve downloaded is suspect.

Still, it’s pretty funny when you think about it.

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  4. Hey,

    I was just browsing around and noticed your post about the Sims 2 hacks.  I think it’s good that you wrote this because a lot of people that complain about the custom content and hacks can now realize that they have the option NOT to download a lot that contains any or they can at least filter it out.  Hopefully they will take the advice once they see the warning symbol on the exhange.  Thanks for shining a little more light on the subject in case others were confused.


  5. SA, a few random idiots are to be expected in an open forum.

    Don, I have no idea what the hell you’re talking about or how the hell it relates to the original entry.

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  8. Wow, bunch of internet grownups rolleyes I think the guy who wrote this is entitled to his opinion and if you people dont like it, you shouldn’t leave a post, just leave the site. I just came here to see if anyone knows any links for hacked items for sims 2 since i like the hacked items.

  9. I would like to state that my use of AOL was chosen for tech and economic factors, and would like to disassociate myself from sock puppets etc.

    Thank you for your fore-bearance.

    We now return you to tonights regular schedule.

  10. any way how did u get the hacks in the first place? i mean some of these hacks are pretty cool.

  11. Jen, there are a number of websites out there dedicated to hacking/hacked Sims 2 objects. One of the bigger sites would be InSIMenator.net. Not only will you find tools and instructions for making your own hacked objects, but plenty of downloads of already hacked objects. 

    That’s a good starting point and to find others just type in Sims 2 Hacked Objects into Google.

  12. Honestly, for all the effort “Les” put into this, it doesn’t deserve such a negative review, but then again, neither do the responses. Anyways, if someone is dumb enough to download anything from the sims 2 official exchange, then maybe they need a few hacks to realise that there are actually quality sites out there for the sims 2 content, other than that exchange bs.

    Additionally, i know it’s been explained too much, but most people who type weird or shorter online do so nowadays becasue among internet comunities, it’s funny. Of course when it first came out in the late 90’s, internet shorthand was only used by idiots, but now it’s just widely accepted, and usually mocking those who use to seriously use it.

  13. And now, our regular “Spot the irony” tea-break teaser.

    people who type weird or shorter online do so nowadays becasue among internet comunities

  14. Personally I don’t see a need for using Mods in the game. If you can’t keep up with your sims wants, then you’re just not trying raspberry

    On the otherhand though, it is nice to have new hairstyles and clothing.

    I guess I’m on both sides of the fence for different reasons. Either way I don’t think that this forum needed to get this volatile. He was posting his opinion. Something everyone has, but obviously some of you chose to take the -75 iq route to express yours.

    But anyways as for hacks, mods… well meshes to me are ok. Mods aren’t my thing. But for everyone else doing it, have a ball. It’s no skin off my arse if their game crashes and burns. 😀

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  16. I just swing with the original Sims, and really only when it’s raining outside and there’s not much left to do. Not to say it’s not a very fun game, but honestly the first thing that I liked about it was the SIM part.Although, I really do with there was a mode where the sims could run in actual time, seeing as it takes mine at least 2 game hours to get ready for work in the morning. 🙁

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  18. ok… i understand wat your getting at with this little artical thing but people should pay more attention when dowlaoding lots really cause you can see when there are things different and everyone knows that there are millions of hacks out there and someone is bound to put one in an occasional lot or three. i personally love to downlaod other peoples lots because im not really that graet of a designer and i actualy love the hacks, but there has been the occasional one that i dont really want in my game and you can delete it. so i really dont think its that big a deal to have hacks in downlaodable lots…dang i was sayin so much i almost forgot the piont of this comment lol. im sorry for those of you that dont like the hacks and end up with them but its going to happen no matter what..

  19. I sifted through 4 pages and didn’t see any mention on the Sims2Pack Clean Installer (available at Modthesims2).  This nifty little program allows you, once you’ve downloaded the lot, to remove objects you don’t want installed into your game.  It also allows you to go through your download folder, see what you have in there (believe me, it’s nice to have that when you have 1500+ downloads) and it lets you delete them. 

    On a side note, I prefer the term AOHell, but that’s my personal preference.

    In response to someone a few pages back, if you want hacks for the game, check out Modthesims2, Insimenator, Simslice (paysite), or do a Google search (I like Google, I don’t care what anyone says) for TS2 Hacks or Downloads.

  20. Wow!

    Now I know this is a really old article, but I’ve just read it (having been an avid Sims2 player since it came out, before that I was a Sims addict) so I know all this stuff anyway.

    What I find amusing (or baffling) is the number of complete idiots posting on here!  They are incapable of typing, or even constructing a basic sentence, yet they feel the need to tell you to get a life! 

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  22. Ok, I could care less, but jeez. There are two different types of people – one that like hacks in their game and one that find it a disturbance. Guess what? Both have their own opinions and when someone states it, you don’t have to get all offended. We all live life differently. Personally, I find hacks brilliant by all means. I love all the “extra” things that it brings, but on the other hand, it defeats the whole purpose of TS2 (da way EA intended it). Instead of waiting and earning, people are using the “short” way.

    Is it wrong? No.

  23. um not to burst any bobbles, but yes the sims do fuck. from the get go even, its called woohoo! and if your really that Innocent not figure this part out, you really should not be talking. you can turn off aging its a cheat code, press ctrl+shift+c and type help, into the white box that appears. it gives you a list of all of the cheats and what they do, like motherlode 50,000 simolians. however your saying that people who’ve never been to a mod site can get the unexplained mods when getting homes form the sims official website, note and i’m really, really serious the sims official web page is, guess what, a mod side! where you can get modded items for your game. anyways most of this stuff is created to make your game more entertaining cus come on this game is rather boring to say the least. they do have a little warning that not everything you get may work to your likings and that they are created by other players.

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