Hacked objects in “The Sims 2” spread like viruses.

Some owners of The Sims 2 have been complaining that there’s something strange happening to their games. Suddenly whole neighborhoods of people stopped aging or every coffee maker in the game develops the power to cure all your needs in a single cup or all your Sims become more than happy to adopt a polygamist lifestyle and your teenagers develop the ability to become pregnant when the game, as it normally ships, won’t even allow them to have sex. What the hell is going on? Hacked game objects are spreading like viruses, that’s what.

There’s a whole community of modders out there who wasted no time taking hex editors to the standard objects that shipped with the game to see what they could do with them carrying on a tradition from the first game. There’s literally thousands of hacked objects available for The Sims that allowed for all manner of actions not possible in the standard game including some that allowed your Sims to engage in some fairly graphic sex play in the kitchen or bedroom. Nothing that adult oriented has been made for the smash sequel yet, but it’s only a matter of time. Still with the first game you only had these objects if you went out of your way to find, download, and install them. Gamers who had never been anywhere near a mod site were suddenly finding their Sims 2 game being infiltrated by hacked objects and couldn’t figure out why.

Turns out it’s an unanticipated result of one of the game’s cooler features: The Lot Exchange. Design a really cool house and want to share it with other players? Package it up and upload it the exchange for anyone else to download into their own games. The problem is homes packaged this way will include any objects you put in it such as, say, a hacked coffee pot. When a player downloads a home with a hacked object it ends up superseding the normal object in the game so suddenly all your coffee pots are magical and that means that any lots with coffee pots in them that that person uploads to the exchange will help spread the hacked object further. Additionally, the more hacked objects that get added to your game the more you’re likely to spread them if you upload lots that have any of those objects in them. You could end up with hacked objects of all kinds simply by downloading lots from the official Sims website without even realizing it. Oops.

At one point as many as three-quarters of the lots on the exchange contained hacks, estimates Suzanne Walshire, a 57-year-old Sims 2 player from Pflugerville, Texas, and an early victim of the phenomenon.” It’s extremely widespread,” Walshire says. “Someone at Electronic Arts was really shortsighted not to have thought of hacked objects spreading this way. If they knew that their own objects would download with a house, they would know that other objects would download with a house also.”

But the company says it was indeed surprised. EA declined interview requests for this story, but last month, thirty days after the initial complaints rolled in, the company finally issued a warning about the spreading hacks on its Sims 2 forum. At the same time it announced that it had reprogrammed the exchange to identify any lots containing modified objects or behaviors, and to allow users to see all the elements in a property before installing it. “Our community continually surprises us by their creativity and dedication to pushing the game’s limits further then we ever dreamed possible!,” the company wrote, by way of explanation.

Not to fear, though, there is a solution at hand:

“I think the response wasn’t exactly timely,” says a Sims 2 hacker who asked to be identified by his online moniker, Jfade. By then the community, fearful of being blamed for the issue, had already developed its own solution. Modders took a page from the anti-virus industry and created a central list of identified hacks, their names and checksums, then wrote programs that can scan a user’s Sims 2 directory and isolate suspect files. “It allows them to see more details about the hack … and then they can either move it out of the downloads directory or delete it,” says Jfade, who authored one of the programs, called the Sims 2 Hack Scanner and Lister. “I knew I wouldn’t want to have these hacks, and in the process found out that I had quite a few.”

Had some of the more adult hacks developed for the original game were to have become widespread before anyone noticed this could have been a bad PR hit for the folks at Electronic Arts, but they seem to have gotten it under control. They’ve changed the Lot Exchange a bit so that it’s now possible to inspect the contents of a lot prior to downloading it and any non-Maxis created content will be flagged with a warning.  Plus you can use the info therein to locate the hacked object in your installation and delete it. This in combination with the Hack Scanners that have been developed should allow those folks who don’t want hacked objects lousing up their game from being overrun by them. Of course, this doesn’t stop someone from ignoring the warnings and installing the lots with hacked objects without realizing it, but if EA’s smart then the next patch/upgrade will incorporate some method of inspecting and alerting someone when a lot they’ve downloaded is suspect.

Still, it’s pretty funny when you think about it.

86 thoughts on “Hacked objects in “The Sims 2” spread like viruses.

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  2. omg can’t we all just get along 🙁 theres no need to call ppl names. well i guess some ppl out there have diff opinions. hehe… i know i like the simple hacks like the ones who bring up ur skill points or needs its usefull when u have a job and kids or just to lazy to bring them up ur self LOL

  3. ok this problem can be solved very easily 4 the ppl who want haked objects, sims etc download them 4 the ppl who don’t want haked objects, sims etc don’t download them and if ur downloading a house or something i think there is a program out there that scans the sims downloads 4 any hacks and takes them out i don’t know the name tho. personally i have just about every Hack there is out there from the thing that gee gee is talking bout the painting or comp that brings up all ur needs, skills etc to the more complicated hacks that alter the sims and their actions etc. my game runs just fine and most of the hacks i download does not affect the whole neighborhood like turning every painting in to a skill gain one so im cool with all the hacks.  grin

  4. Hehe, you notice that all of the “different” AOL users misspell “hack” as “hak” or “hake”! cheese

  5. I agree with GeeGee some hacks out there do make the game more well….playable lolz. it adds more to the game until the next expansion pak comes out u know wa i mean lol I too have just bout every hack out there just like Lara *wink* they rly don do much to mess up the game if u stick with certain Hakers that do rly good jobs and to tell u the truth i have to give credit where its due i give all them hackers out there who found ways of altering the game in simple to complex ways an A+ coz have u taken a look at the game codes big surprise  its worse then HTML   LOL

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  8. I also find it amusing that many of these “different” commenters share the same IP address and post within minutes of each other. Nothing like puppet commenters to ruin a thread.

    Look folks, my entry wasn’t meant as a rant against the use of hacked Sims 2 objects. Honestly, I don’t care if folks want to cheat at the game. My intent was merely to warn folks that hacked objects have an unforeseen tendency to spread like viruses so folks who don’t want them could end up with them in their collection if they’re not careful.

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      Please do, Les.  Not only is the person’s “conversation” inane, insipid, and uninspired, he (or she) has to hide behind multiple bogus e-mail addresses.

  23. Alright maybe I am missreading the article but it didn’t sound like it was about the evils of hacking.  I personally love hacked objects and search them out but I would never want them put on my game with out my knowlege.  And I am glad that EA caught it before the sex hacks were available, (again I personally enjoy them in the first game but would never want them there without my personally putting them on).  I guess I don’t understand why this post generated so much anger.

  24. Oh, thank God I am not the only person who feels that people who type only in TXT-speak are complete morons.

    By the way I really enjoyed the post, I never knew that that could happen. Well, more like it never occurred to me.

    Thanks for the post! ^ ^

  25. OMG your sad. now i can’t find any hacks cause all that pops up is “HACKS SPREAD LIKE VIRUS’S” i only want the hacks cause i am bored with the original game and i like to speed stuff up! most of the time i play the game in 3x speed! and after playing it for so many years….you need to spice it up a bit…so don’t complain! jee! maybe one stuffed up ur game and now you wont give any a chance! SAD!

  26. Oh shut up. What the hell is your problem? Don’t come whining to me because you suck at searching so bad that you can’t find what you want. I can’t help it if you’re too big of an idiot to play the game the way it was meant to be played so take your bitching someplace else.

  27. Les, I have to politely disagree.

    As far as I’m concerned, the only opinion that matters regarding how a game should be played is that of whoever is playing it. If The Sims 2 is anything like the original, there is some amount of mindnumbing micromanagement and I can’t fault anybody for taking shortcuts and explore more interesting aspects of the game.

    On the other hand, installing hacked objects should be a deliberate choice and not something sneaked in somehow.

  28. Wow this thread attracted the poorly-educated like crazy!

    SuperDuper, your time might be better spent in school than playing The Sims 2. Just think, you might someday then become smart enough to design your own hacks.

    Les, this reminds me of something that would be fun to see on the main page: Pick the silliest comments SEB has ever had, and feature them along with a short description of the entries that inspired them. Or even just have categories like Religion, Politics, Don’t Be That Guy etc. We’ve had some real doozies here, you know.

    Maybe it will serve to demonstrate how badly educated so many are in America.

  29. Sims are the Sims. They made it available to the public to be able to create what they want for their sims. If they’re going to bitch about their game not working for the hacks, then let them. It’s their fault for using them. Oh well.

    As for the mendicate AIM users, I suggest they all burn.

    But thats just me.

  30. Im a modder/hacker myself i make shitloads of stuff im accualy making one atm whislt typing this piece of crap … sooo whats your email so i can fill your fat ass account up with hacks ehh?

  31. I wish. I’m stunned at the number of clueless morons this entry has attracted. It’s like every AOL user in the universe gets a link to it on the main page of the service when they first login in the morning.

  32. I second Brock’s vote for an SEB Hall of Ridicule.  But who has time to go through all the wealth of candidates?

    Hacking is the new hotrodding, I suppose.  Any maroon with a set of wheels thinks he can do it.  Too bad hacking doesn’t lead to actual crashing and burning (at least, most of the time).

  33. When will they release a mod with some pumping action, I hear there is a Gimp-skin available already.

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  35. I wasn’t going to respond, since it wouldn’t be nice to make fun of someone who types with a lisp (“thougth”).

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