God calls minister home during sermon.

Seems even God gets tired of hearing preachers sermonizing all the damned time. Down in Oviedo, Florida 69 year-old Presbyterian minister, the Rev. Jack Arnold, was nearing the end of his sermon about Heaven this past Sunday when he dropped dead at the pulpit in front of the stunned congregation. Several church members with medical backgrounds attempted to revive him to no avail. His last words? “And when I go to heaven …”

Death is God’s way of saying, “Shut the hell up!”

7 thoughts on “God calls minister home during sermon.

  1. I guess (sniff!) just like little babies, god needs ministers up in heaven, too. One less for us to worry about.

  2. I’m still trying to figure out why they tried to revive him.  If they believed so strongly in message, wouldn’t they just let him go on to be with his master?

  3. hehe
    I thinks Les and I frequent the same sites.  I was going to post this but thought my views might be taken the wrong way.  Needless to say after reading the above comments I wish I had beat you to it.  lol

  4. Ah! – Shana comes up with the goods once again! – buggered if I can think of a return quote though..maybe later! LOL Ho-Ho,just figured out LOL…Doh!

  5. God called him home, but not to go to heaven. He was probably tired of this gumba trying to read his mind and wanted to teach him a lesson.

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