For Sale: One lightly used and slightly flawed Biosphere.

Looks like I’ve found my next home as Biosphere 2 is up for sale. That should be more than enough room for a good sized LAN party!

The Texas company that built and owns the Biosphere 2 Center near Oracle announced Monday that it has formally put up for sale the 3.1-acre glass terrarium and 70 other buildings on the 140-acre campus.

“This is one of the most spectacular properties in Southern Arizona – if not the most spectacular – so we think it should attract some interest,” said Christopher T. Bannon, general manager of Decisions Investment Corp. of Fort Worth, which owns Biosphere 2.

I’ll definitely have to hire a maid, though, there’s no way I’m washing all those windows myself.

8 thoughts on “For Sale: One lightly used and slightly flawed Biosphere.

  1. Evil One,  I will help pay for the maid and a window washing crew once every three months if I can come and live with you!!! tongue wink

  2. Know what? If I was mega-rich, I’d…well, let me backtrack here…if I was mega-rich, I’d give away all of the money to worthy causes, leaving myself enough to a) live comfortably for the rest of my life, and b) buy Biosophere 2.

    Then I’d go get myself a really, really big pile of rocks.

  3. Just think about all the wee…er…geraniums you could grow and sell.

    I imagine that if it doesn’t go to some bio-tech company that it might be jointly purchased by some educational institutions.

  4. Heh… if we start a Stupid Evil Homeschool for the kiddies… I’ll move in and help pay to keep the place clean

    Sure. Every good cult needs both a spiffy headquarters and indoctrination for the kids.

    Does the thing have a secret airstrip? Or at least a concealed helipad?

  5. You know, I went over the the biosphere this past June or July… It sucked!!  I’m not surprised it is for sale the way they let it go downhill!  and the plus side.. my husband stole a lime that was pretty tasty and got used in a Corona.

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