Firefox passes 20,000,000 download mark.

In a little over two and a half months the 1.0 release of Firefox has been downloaded over 20 million times and is still going strong.

You’ve engaged your friends and family, your co-workers, colleagues, and fellow students in a novel and exciting effort to take back the Web. You’ve helped twenty million people to get beyond the daily chaos of adware, spyware, and constant virus infections. You’ve created the first and the largest open source marketing effort in history. And you all are educating the world that they do have a choice and that they can take control of their Internet experience.

You all have demonstrated that open source community can be powerful, committed, and capable of accomplishing once-unimaginable feats.

It’s hard to estimate how many people are actually using Firefox from that number, but it still demonstrates a lot of interest. Certainly some folks downloaded it, tried it, and went back to using IE, but it’s also likely that quite a few single downloads were by companies that put the file on their corporate network and then installed it on hundreds of PCs let alone people like me who downloaded it once and set it up on several PCs for friends and family. Looking at the access logs for SEB shows that around 20% of visitors are using Firefox these days which is up considerably from just a few months ago.

Microsoft’s top execs keep claiming that they’re not worried about Firefox’s growing influence and they point to the fact that IE still maintains over 90% market share as proof that there’s nothing to be concerned about. However, the folks at online measurement company WebSideStory are reporting that 4.78 percent of Internet surfers used Firefox from the beginning of December through mid-January amounting to a gain of 0.88 percentage points. That’s not a bad gain for a month and a half and word has it that the boys in Redmond are taking notice no matter what they’re saying publicly. The year ahead should prove rather interesting as the browser wars return.

Tip o’the hat to John for the headsup.

22 thoughts on “Firefox passes 20,000,000 download mark.

  1. I have been using Firefox & Thunderbird (Thanks to SEB for the heads-up)for over 6 months now and will never go back.

    The boys in Redmond are counting on the non tech savvy persons thinking that IE is the only way to go and instilling fear in them that use of any other could/will cause them harm.

  2. I’m surprised that MS hasn’t tried to just buy it or sue it out of existence.

    Can something like a community effort be bought? There are leaders in the Firefox effort. What would happen if they were offered huge bags of cash?

  3. Gasp, how could you be against Microsoft! As a fellow atheist you should be supporting Bill Gates against the government. Don’t you you see it is a big conspiracy. In the 1990s Bill Gates in two prominent interviews talking about him being atheist or agnostic depending on one’s definition.

    For example, when asked about God, he said that just in terms of allocation of time resources, religion is not very efficient as there were better things to do on a Sunday morning. Shortly after a judge (appointed during Reagan) found his company to be in violation of antitrust regulation.

    And look at firefox. It is name “fire” and color both is red the Republican party color. Coincidence? I think not! And notice how firefox introduction coincide with the conclusion of the elections? GASP!! Once sufficient people use the browser the true fundamentalist controlling it can filter and direct you to sites they want!!

    By the way, this is just a silly attempt at a joke, just in case.

  4. Awesome site you have here! Love your points of view! I downloaded Firefox just a couple months ago. A friend introduced it to me and I haven’t gone back to IE. There are so many neat plugins and extensions that I don’t see why I would need to. I also use Thunderbird for my email. After telling my friends, they switched over too smile

  5. Firefox is the best! I downloaded it on suggestion of a friend, and I’m never going back. I can’t live without being able to put multiple sites in tabs now. Besides, it seems to run much better on my laptop…

  6. I love Firefox. I have it on both my personal computers and on my work machine. And when a user of mine kept having an IE crash when trying to do something in his Yahoo mail, I downloaded Firefox, and solved the problem. I gave another user a burnt copy of Firefox to let him get back online when his IE got totally hosed.

    So I guess you could call me a Firefox (I almost wrote Firefix!) evangalical.


  7. Security issues aside, Firefox is a better, more functional application than IE.  It makes online research much faster with several well-designed integrated features.

  8. I wish it wasn’t so damed ugly compared to Safari though. Is it just on the Mac that you can’t close a tab by clicking on it like you can in Safari?

  9. Hey Brooks- Firefox looks great, unless you unaccountably prefer that faux brushed metal look of Safari.
    I can’t get it to open a link in a new tab with a single click or gesture (I have the extension All-in-One Gestures), either, which works on the PC.  Anyone know how to do that on a Mac?

    But these are minor quibbles.  In comparison to Firefox, IE sucks, every day in every way.

  10. After having some serious issues with IE, a friend of my suggested firefox and I’ve not gone back to IE since!
    I love it.

  11. I’m a lover of all things brushed metal and frosted glass. I have expensive taste. So, yes, I do like the way it looks, but it’s the Windows XP (faux OS X) look of Firefox that bugs me. It looks low rent. I can live with it though if it weren’t for a few things. As mentioned above, you can click on the little X in the upper right to close the active tab, but you can’t close a non-active tab by clicking on it like in Safari (You can do this with any window in OS X as well, so it might be a system thing). Another thing is that as I’m typing this in Safari right now, OS X is spell checking right here in the comment box. I can’t do this in Firefox. If you spelled as bad as me, you would see how blogging and leaving comments is near impossible in Firefox without looking like I failed the fifth grade.

  12. Oh, and because the Mac uses the key next to the space bar (command) for common shortcuts, my left thumb is always on it or right next to it even when using the mouse. Holding that key down while clicking on any link opens it in a new tab. doing a quick command w closes the active tab.

  13. Brooks- thanks for the tip about the command key.  I’ll try it out tomorrow when I’m back on my Mac.

    I guess I just have low-rent taste, preferring the look of Firefox to Safari.  That’s ok- I’m a low-rent kind of guy.

  14. I’ve been using Firefox for maybe four months now, and I can honestly say that, for my needs, it whips IE on pretty much every level.

    One thing that bugs me…five words: ‘The document contains no data’.

  15. I’ve been using Mozilla since it first came out and switched to Moxilla firebird and then firefox.  From where I stand, they totally kick IE’s ass.  I have to use IE at work because they have some sort of MS-only bull going on, and I hate the lack of tabbed browing.  I also hate the way IE makes my site look awful and grainy.  CSS standards, Billy boy!

    As for people who visit my site, about 47% use mozilla & co. and about 47% use IE…the other 6% use odd things like safari

    , opera, and konqueror (whatever that is).  So maybe more people have IE than Firefox, but the question is what do IE users use it for/how much do they really browse?  I suppose I know a lot of geeks, though…

  16. My graduate assistant got me a beautiful Firefox mug for Christmas.  I use it at my other office where the network administrator has a hissy-fit every time anyone mentions Firefox, which he feels is a security risk.  rolleyes

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