ExpressionEngine 1.2.1 now available.

If you’re running ExpressionEngine for your blog you’ll be happy to know that version 1.2.1 is now available. This new release incorporates 15 new templates that were submitted to the template contest with more to come and it fixes various bugs, refines some features, and adds some security enhancements, so all ExpressionEngine users are encouraged to update. Version 1.2.1 is available to all licensed ExpressionEngine users at no charge. This is the release we’ve been testing here at SEB. I’ll probably switching the Guest Entry form over to the new standalone method soon once I’ve got it working properly.

Here’s the complete changelog:

  • Added a stand-alone version of the PUBLISH page, allowing weblog entries to be submitted from a form outside the control panel.
  • Added 15 new themes that were submitted in our template contest. Additional ones will be added later.
  • Redesigned the plugin manager in the control panel.  It now shows all plugins that are available at, and allows plugins to be installed directly from the manager.  Note:  Your PHP installation must support the CURL library in order to auto-install plugins.  Big thanks to Chris Ruzin ( who rewrote the manager for us!
  • Added “new version check” feature which will show a message in the control panel home page when a new version of ExpressionEngine is available.  This feature can be enabled/disabled in the General Preferences page.
  • Added a new tag: {exp:weblog:info}  This tag lets you show some meta data from your weblog.  Please check the user guide for more info.
  • Added URL mapping feature for users who migrated from pM Free or Pro. When enabled, this feature redirects users who try to access old pM URLs to the new EE location.
  • Added a global trackback enabling/disabling switch (weblog preferences page), and updated the behavior of the global comment enabling/disabling switch for better control.
  • Added a new template revision preference that permits the x most recent revisions to be saved, instead of saving all revisions. Template revisions can use up a lot of database space so you are encouraged to use this preference.
  • Added a referrer limiter preference, permitting only the x most recent referrers to be logged in order to save database space.  The number of referrers can be set in the Referrer Preferences page.
  • Added a master “trackback enable” feature.  Similar to the master comment enable preference, it permits trackback to be turned off global for the entire blog.
  • Improved captcha feature.  You can now have a random three digit number appended to all captcha words, making it much more difficult to guess the word.  This can be enabled in the Captcha Preferences page.
  • Improved “entry_id” parameter in the {exp:weblog:entries} tag.  It now allows multiple ids:  entry_id=“1|3|9”
  • Changed the behavior of the gallery next/previous links so that they now cycle back to the beginning if you reach the last image (and vice versa)
  • Added “stop words” to the search module to prevent commonly used words like “and”, “is”, etc. to be searched.
  • Added a new control panel theme submitted by Jesse from
  • Added Danish language files
  • Changed the pagination query in the gallery so that it’s more light-weight.
  • Redesigned the “view member” query in the control panel Admin area, making it more light-weight.
  • Fixed a template rendering problem that occurred when using {variables} as tag parameters.
  • Fixed a bug in which category parents were not being shown when using the show_empty=“no” parameter if entries were not assigned to the parents.
  • Fixed an image path problem in the publish page that affected Imagemagick and NetPBM.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing an entire year of entries to be shown if the month was not specified
  • Fixed an error due to a missing member group item in some installations.
  • Fixed a path bug in the trackback receiving function which was causing the URL of the weblog to be used instead of the comment URL
  • Fixed a bug that was creating extra captcha images in the folder
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the trackback url randomizer from working when cached.
  • Fixed a date formatting bug when using the %r parameter
  • Fixed a path bug in the trackback RDF code
  • Fixed a bug that was putting the {captcha_word} in the captcha form by default.
  • Fixed a bug that was creating extra captcha images

2 thoughts on “ExpressionEngine 1.2.1 now available.

  1. Do you happen to know if you can use the templates in 1.0?  I’ve not upgraded yet.  This could be the final straw though, the one that takes me out of laziness…

  2. Not sure, but I’d suspect that you could. It should only be a problem if they used some of the features or changes involved in later releases. Best way to find out is to try them. You can access them from the pMachine website and try them out.

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