Buzzstuff comes to an end.

In trying to get caught up on my blogroll I come to find that Buzz of Buzzstuff fame has decided he’s run out of things to say after 1,939 entries over the course of 2 years. I don’t recall when I first stumbled across it, but it’s been a regular read for at least half its existence. Even a loud mouth like me likes to take a break from arguing and ranting every now and then and Buzz’s site was always good for a laugh or two. Light hearted, friendly, and personable are all good words to describe Buzz and his blog, the popularity of which grew faster than any other blog I’ve ever seen. The “Blog It Forward” meme Buzz started is still one of the coolest ideas I’ve seen so far.

Interestingly, it was just under a year ago that Buzz wrote an entry about bloggers who quit blogging in which he stated that he didn’t have an overwhelming need to blog like some do; he only did it because it was fun and in the end that was his reason for moving on. Maintaining his blog was becoming more of a chore than it should be and that was his sign. I can’t fault him for that as I’ve been there myself with different projects in the past. Will probably find myself in a similar position again in the future. But not today. For now, you’re stuck with me.

So it’s time to say “so long” to Buzzstuff and wish Buzz well in whatever he ends up doing next. His blog will be missed, but it’s unlikely to be forgotten anytime soon.

3 thoughts on “Buzzstuff comes to an end.

  1. Oh I’ll be around for quite awhile I think. I go through dry periods every now and then where I don’t seem to have much to say, but usually it doesn’t take long before something crops up in the news that’ll get me going again. As long as there are stupid people in the world I’m sure I’ll have plenty to write volumes about.

  2. Hi, I’m Melissa and I’m a LURKERholic on your site, but today I’m coming out of the closet to spread some honey your way! Come share in this special De-Lurking Day and do some of your own.

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