A little low on inspiration these days.

I feel I should apologize for not contributing much to my blog the past few weeks. I’ve managed to get caught up on current events since pretty much ignoring the world during the holiday break, but I’ve been having a hard time coming up with much of anything to say. Over this past weekend I started in on no less than six different entries that I ended up trashing because they felt like more of the same old ranting. Some of the things I thought about writing on have already been covered by other folks on other blogs that said pretty much the same thing I would have said anyway.

I think part of my problem is I’m not getting enough sleep and I need to correct that. I was up until 1:45AM last night and that’s not too bright when you get up at 6AM, but even when I got to bed at a decent time I’m having a difficult time getting to sleep and it’s leaving me without my usual energy to devote to the research and writing some of my heftier entries require. I’m not really depressed, though I do feel a little funky, so perhaps I just need time to re-energize and get back into a decent sleep pattern. Anyway, just wanted to let folks know that I am aware I’ve not been on par lately and hopefully it’s another passing phase I sometimes go through.

5 thoughts on “A little low on inspiration these days.

  1. Ah, you just have the holiday blog weariness syndrome, Les.  Think of it as a time to recharge and experience things, which will turn into more material to blog about later.

    Just keep the guest posts coming in the dry spell and you should be fine.

  2. Chazzy, WoW has factored into it on some nights, but not every night. I didn’t play WoW at all yesterday and I actually shut down my PC long before I went to bed. It’s my brain I’m having trouble getting to shut down.

  3. Sounds like you need a break—I think everyone understands if you need to just relax and de-stress for a few days.  We like our bastard stupid and evil, not exhausted and overwhelmed!  Besides, you put so much work into a site that largely benefits others—something that most of us could never hope to know how to maintain, you deserve a break!

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