“World of Warcraft” Scenes from a Movie Screenshot Competition.

As if running around with a rifle-totin’ dwarf accompanied by a faithful Ice Claw Bear sidekick named “Glace” and a plucky, if useless, mechanical squirrel wasn’t fun enough, the folks at Blizzard have announced they’re holding a Scenes from a Movie Screenshot Competition starting yesterday.

World of Warcraft Scenes from a Movie Screenshot Competition Lights, camera, action! From 12:00 noon PST on Tuesday, December 7 through 11:59 A.M. PST on Tuesday, December 14, we will be accepting submissions for our World of Warcraft Scenes from a Movie Screenshot Competition. This is the big break all you aspiring actors have been waiting for—all you have to do is recreate your favorite movie scene using in-game characters. The best performers will get their screenshots and character names posted on the World of Warcraft community site and blizzard.com home page! So gather up your cast, break out your director’s chair, and start the shoot!

The little sample pic they provided is, of course, a recreation from the movie Titanic. Doesn’t look like you win anything outside of a bit of fame with fellow WoW players, but it should still be a lot of fun to see what folks come up with.

Seeing as I’m once again making an entry related to WoW I’d like to ask a favor from any of you who are playing the game. I’m in the process of starting a small guild on the Durotan server named Alpha Squadron (bit of an inside joke among those of us starting it) and we’re a little short on the required 10 signatures on the charter it takes to get it established. If any of you would be willing to log into the Durotan server long enough to make a gnome or dwarf character and sign the charter I’d be most appreciative. You don’t have to continue to play on the server or stay in the guild once it’s established, but you’re welcome to if you’d like. The only reason I ask it to be a gnome or dwarf is because I can get to the newbie areas for those races easily enough, though I suppose I could also get to the human newbie areas at this point as well being that I’ve been hanging out in the city of Stormwind lately. I think we’re currently short about four signatures. This guild is purely going to be a group of people who like to play together rather than any kind of a highly regimented, out-to-be-number-one collection of uber players. If you’re interested in helping out let me know. The name of my character with the charter is Balfour and he’ll be trailed by the aforementioned bear and squirrel.

Now, if I could just find a Moose to tame it’d be perfect.

8 thoughts on ““World of Warcraft” Scenes from a Movie Screenshot Competition.

  1. I have a level seven thief who is currently in Stormwind, I actually play as a tauren on the same server but I can log on whenever to give you a signature, just give me a time. I actually already added the Sanctus character to my friends list but have yet to be on at the same time as you.

  2. ill jump on and create a character for ya.
    im currently playing on thunderhorn server, lvl 20 warlock named Sadbastard. need some idea when youre on so ill be there at that time.
    oh and stormwind is really really close to the human newbie area, go out the door and head north cant miss it.

  3. digit, I saw you last night on the Thunderhorn server, in Stormwind, I believe it was.  I had just created a human paladin named Turin and found my way to Stormwind.  I saw your character’s name and immediately thought of Les (not because he’s a sad bastard or anything).  I even followed you for a minute or so, but then decided to go fishing.  Small world.

    Les, I’d be willing to sign the charter.  If the connection to Durotan is good enough, I may keep using that character too.

  4. It is a small world.
    And the Sadbastard is a reference to one of my favorite movie “High Fidelity”, not tryin to steal your flow Les.

  5. No worries. If it was available then there’s no reason you can’t use it. Someone had already taken the account name I usually use so all’s fair in that regard.

    For the past several nights I’ve usually been on for a little while after I get home around 5 or 5:30PM Eastern Time until dinner is ready and then I’m back on after dinner. Usually I’m pretty easy to find anytime after 7PM Eastern until 11:30PM or so.

  6. It has already started, that’s right, christians have invaded WOW.This guy is upset and I agree with him. I’ve already encountered several players in a guild called Defenders of the Cross, I couldn’t stop laughing. They are freaking every where!

    *links may not work because you have to log in to view forums but you should check out the threads they are pretty funny.

  7. Les are you still needing guild members?  Please let me know.  I’ll gladly log on and help you out.

    Until then I’ll be Laurelanwyn 29 Dwarf Paladin Silver Hand Pacific RP Server

  8. I have two slots left to fill and one is technically “reserved” for a coworker who should be signing it tonight so, yes, I have a slot (or two) remaining if you want to help out. I’d be most appreciative. grin

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