Why Children Cannot Speak To God In School

I received a forwarded email today which made me laugh out loud. It read as follows:


Please do NOT let this petition stop and lose all these names. If you do not want to sign it, please forward it to everyone you know.

To add your name, click on “forward”. You will be able to add your name at the bottom of the list and then forward it to your friends. Or, if necessary, you can copy and paste and then add your name to the bottom of the list.



Dear President Bush:
Many of us were deeply touched to hear you recite a portion of Psalm 23 in your address to this great nation in the dark hours following the terrorists’ attacks. We, the people of America, are requesting that you lift the prohibition of prayer in schools. As the pledge of our great country states, we are to be “One nation under God.” Please allow the prayers and petitions of our children in schools without the threat of punishment.

Currently, adults and children in the schools are prohibited from mentioning God unless, of course, His name is uttered as part of a curse or profanity.

The People of America

Mark 10:13-14 “People were bringing little children to Jesus to have Him touch them, but his disciples rebuked them. When Jesus saw this, He was indignant. He said to them, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.”

Granted, if I didn’t spend so much time reading SEB and sources like it, or if I spent my free time reading townhall.com or cwa.com or other such small minded fare, and if I couldn’t think critically enough to realize the ridiculousness of saying children are disallowed from offering prayers to God while in school, I probably wouldn’t know any better and I would sign this puppy and send it off to at least 200 of my closest email buddies. Then they would send it off to their buddies and we would have a literal groundswell of a grassroots “Good People for Praying to God Out Loud in School” movement taking place. Innocent children could at last offer prayers to their Christian God without fear of punishment.

Also I realize that people cannot easily find this God so we need to teach our children where to look for Him. He is in school along side them but He cannot speak up for fear of being punished too. It’s a sad state of affairs; this separation from God. With my help, children and adults can literally speak to Him freely, not only at home and in church, but at school too.

Too bad I’m not sending it forward. Take THAT God! (And all you 1,188 silly people who signed it and allowed the last signer to forward it to me.)


17 thoughts on “Why Children Cannot Speak To God In School

  1. Im always tempted to cut and paste every email address on a forwarded piece of mail I get into some website that I know sells email adresses to spam markets. (and use adult related material for the reilgious ones).

  2. Not only is the sentiment wrong-headed, but the idea of the petition in email is stupid too.  Think about it:  the first person signs his name and sends it on to ten friends.  Each of those ten friends adds their name, making it a two-name petition, and then sends it on to ten more.  So then you have 100 copies of this petition, each of them with three names on them.  And so on.  By the time any one of them gets 2000 names on a single email, imagine how many other copies will be roaming around out there!

    System administrators HATE this kind of proliferating idiocy.

  3. m always tempted to cut and paste every email address on a forwarded piece of mail I get into some website that I know sells email adresses to spam markets. (and use adult related material for the reilgious ones)
    – Rich

    What makes you think that isn’t where the petition came from in the first place?  It would be a pretty good way to collect very large numbers of valid email addresses.  Everyone dutifully attaching their entire address book to it and sending it on… all they have to do is wait for it to come back to them (or land on a machine infected with one of their bots.)

    I’ve seen 200+ addresses on some of those things.

  4. Most of the time I believe that people should reap what they sow. But in my more civic minded spurts of consiousness. ( No O-Reily Jokes please) (Warning long winded self-congratulatory rank next) And the fact that I am a Macintosh Maniac weell insulated from the world of viruses and bot ware, I deleate without discrimination every one of those pesky little chain mails. Les good on you mate.

  5. Oh I’m pretty sure some do come from marketting peoples.  But maybe not the viagra and this lonely lady needs you type of folx. watch as people who dont know what spam filtering is get their malilboxes flooded for adding their name to a forwarded email.

  6. Im always tempted to cut and paste every email address on a forwarded piece of mail I get into some website that I know sells email adresses to spam markets.

    Why just be tempted? I’m sure it’s no coincidence that the public email address I use with my Gravatar receives countless solicitations for “Christian” lending and mortgaging.

  7. When you think about it too, it’s quite petty of people to think that a petition like this one, so full of obvious misinformation and so full of emotional bullshit, should go to the President of the United States. I mean, gheesh, save it for something really unfair and important to get behind. Have a little self respect.

    You know what I’m sayin’?

  8. Anyone who forwards me these sorts of emails ends up getting a reply (to everyone on the list) in the form of a rant, complete with quotes from the Framers of the Constitution, a link to Americans United and a plea to educate themselves as to why they’d be better off fighting just as hard as I do to see that the “wall of separation” remain firmly in place.

    Yesterday I receieved one called “The Law is the Law!” saying that if God’s to be removed from the Pledge and money, and the decalogue has no place in a public building, that all government workers should be required to work on Sundays, Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving (?).  Oddly enough, it was forwarded to me by my mother, who’s a Pagan!

    I’m still waiting to see whether I’ll get any replies (telling me to fuck off, no doubt) from any of the rarely-seen relatives or strangers on Mom’s forward list.  If I inspired even one of them to look more closely at the current push to make America a Christian nation, it’ll absolutely be worth all the rest of them thinking I’m just some godless kook bent on removing God from the public square.  Considering that a fair number of them are Catholic, perhaps they’ll pause to consider my point that should the wall of separation one day be breached to the point of America recognizing an “official” religion, it’ll almost certainly be some form of Protestant fundamentalism, and they’ll be just as fucked as us godless heathens… except that they won’t have the comfort of knowing that they did everything possible to protect their freedom to believe (or not) as they see fit, and to have their own flavor of religion receive equal, NEUTRAL treatment under the law as intended by the language of the First Amendment.

    I’ve been fighting this fight since Reagan was elected and the Moral Majority entered the political arena, and some days it’s difficult not to succumb to the depression I feel at seeing how absolutely hoodwinked so many of my fellow Americans have been, believing somehow that the “God” all these people want officially recognized is a generic and benign ideal, a one-size-fits-all name for a “Higher Power.”  It absolutely is not.  It’s the big-G God and his son Jesus, and his believers have organized themselves with a clear mission: to have every American bend their knee and worship at his altar or be considered traitors and/or non-citizens.

    Keep your Sky Daddy and that god-on-a-stick to yourselves.  Those of us who grew up and left childish fantasies behind neither need nor want your invisible friends involved in the governing of a free nation.

  9. Uh, sorry Brock, the reason I originally didn’t post is because I think forwards are stupid & delete every single one I recieve of all kinds.  If I want to write an official on an issue, I do it on my own.  Uh, the only real truth in it is that children are punished for praying out loud (it’s a classroom disruption anyway, so duh) or asking for a moment of silence for everyone else, but since most of them sit there in a silent stupor most of the time anyway…it’s just a stupid issue all the way around because prayer is silent, & teachers are in charge anyway & shouldn’t be allowed to pray…Uh, I haven’t found any christians who agree with the post or care enough to defend it anyway. I personally feel sorry for Bush that he has to playcate voters like this & can’t just tell to fuck off & revoke their voting rights…

  10. Brock – I would have e-mailed this to you, but am blocked.  If you really want to get up there, I don’t want to deal with the daily e-mails to delete from my inbox, but the Theocracy thread is straying to the (non)existence & or attributres therof of God.  Those here seem to have plenty to say, I’m sure Spocko could post (instead of link) the entire Suma Theologica to counter point-by-point & it would draw all kinds of raving foam party fundies.  I’m off to my brothers wedding to the PK I affectionately refer to as the white trash bimbo, fun fun fun, back in a few daze

  11. Fuck, how obvious does a joke have to be?…

    And that was only 5 in a row ellie, not 7. We have quite a way to go here.

    If she doesn’t get the joke she certainly isn’t going to get the rules of the joke.

    I wonder if she’s considered more cowbell.

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