T’was the day before Christmas…

Despite my worries to the contrary it appears the Jenkins household has once again made it to Christmas in good shape. The tree is looking as good as ever, though this year we’re once again without any tinsel. Anne prefers it that way and it’s probably best we don’t have it what with Melvin’s continuing insistence on chewing on the branches, but it will return someday because I want it to.

Speaking of Melvin, other than occasionally gnawing on a branch tip, he’s not messed with the tree much at all. I thought he might get into trouble with batting some of the ornaments about so we made sure that the majority of the ones within his reach were plastic, but he hasn’t so much as looked at them with anything approaching interest. I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised. We bought him a few cat toys when we brought him home including a couple of those plastic balls with little bells inside only to find that they were all but invisible to Melvin in much the same way he ignores the expensive scratching post we bought in favor of just about anything else in the apartment. Rubbing catnip all over the scratching post gains his attention for about 10 minutes, but even that doesn’t get him to scratch the damned thing. Perhaps he’s worried that if he scratches it he’ll tear up whatever magic is producing the catnip on it.

Anyway, he doesn’t pay attention to the ornaments anymore than the stupid cat toys we bought. Instead, much like many small children, he’s decided to make toys out of what most adults would consider trash. Empty toilet paper tubes for example. I hadn’t realized it before, but it would seem that empty toilet paper tubes are a major enemy of cats if Melvin’s reaction to them is any indication. It’s becoming an increasingly common occurrence to have mini-scenes from Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom play out in the hallway of the apartment as Melvin ferociously tears the shit out of some poor hapless toilet paper tube that happened to be walking by at the time. The commotion is of the sort you’d expect if the cat were engaged in a life or death battle of desperation where the fate of the entire planet lay in the balance. This is one more reason we think he’s experiencing little kitty-vietnam flashbacks. Whatever you do, don’t leave any valued toilet paper tubes laying about in his presence or you’ll find them under attack in short order. We’ve tried to get pictures of him in action, but haven’t gotten anything compelling enough to post yet. When we do, I’ll be sure to put it up.

As you can see in the picture to the left here good old Mother Nature didn’t disappoint in giving us a white Christmas this year. I’ve talked before about how living in this area of South Eastern Michigan tends to means we don’t get as much snow as the rest of the state is known for. For that matter, we don’t tend to get as much as cities just over the border in Ohio. Driving out to my brothers a couple of weekends ago was an experience in going from the green grass of home to the white of snow at his place which is less than an hour’s drive north. He didn’t have a lot, but enough to make it festive. Having grown up in Michigan it’s gotten to the point that it doesn’t feel like Christmas if we don’t have a bit of snow around for the event so it’s always nice when we get some here in Canton. If I didn’t love this city so much I’d be inclined to move further north just for the snow at Christmas time. The storm that brought us our crystalline blanket is also why I’m not already up at Momma’s house yet. We had planned to drive up last night, but the snow from the evening previous still hadn’t been cleaned up too well around here and I’m sure they got hit harder up in Otisville than we did here so we opted to wait until this afternoon.

Whoops, Anne just came home from running a couple of last minute errands and it’s time to go. Time to have some fun. See ya.

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