Trillian 3 now available.

Haven’t had a chance to play with it myself yet, but if you’re a Trillian user then you’ll probably be happy to hear that Trillian 3 is now available from the Cerulean Studios website both in the free Basic version and the Pro version.

If you’ve tried it out already then leave a comment with your thoughts on the new version.

8 thoughts on “Trillian 3 now available.

  1. I’ve been a Pro user for a while and jumped into version 3 a few weeks ago. I love it. It hasn’t caused a moment of difficulty and the new interface is very smooth. Best of all, it has Rendezvous support so I can use it to send files and clippings back and forth between my PC and Macs (using iChat).

  2. Thank you for the post about version 3. So far I’ve had no problems with just installing version 3 over my 2.013 version, and I absolutely love the interface of the options

  3. So far, version 3.0 isn’t too bad…I’m digging the new interface (and my little XP ducky is on it and everything!)

    The only problem I had with it was figuring out the IRC part, but I finally did, and it works fine…

  4. It rawks!  I’ve been using this little doodad since 2001 and it only gets better.  For what you pay to get the pro version ($25 USD) it is money well spent .

  5. Webcam features are there and sometimes they are also working but most time trillian hangs up with them.
    But also with that handicap trillian is the best messanger ever!!!  Trillian RuLeZ

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