Too busy for classic Christmas movies?

So you’re still not done with that last minute shopping and you’re all upset because you don’t have time to catch all those classic holiday movies on cable even though they get shown about a gazillion times every day? Well despair no more as you can now enjoy It’s a Wonderful Life in 30 seconds, re-enacted by bunnies.

Yes, now you can once again enjoy the heartwarming tale of a man who finds out how much life would suck for everyone he loves if he had never been born and still have time to rush out and wish that everyone else had never been born so you could get those damned gifts bought in less time than it takes to achieve your master’s degree.

1 thought on “Too busy for classic Christmas movies?

  1. Ah man,that was hilarious! The rest are mint too,I totally cracked up when I saw the alien complete with bunny ears!

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