Testing new forum package.

Those of you who make use of the SEB Forums know that I’ve been meaning to replace the current package in use (IPB 2.0) with something else due to the changes in the licensing for what we were using. I’ve got a test install of the SMF offering in place to see how it stands up and I’ve managed to convert all of the current messages/forums/users from IPB to SMF so you won’t have to re-register to try it out. You can try out the new forums by clicking here and signing in with the same username and password you used on our previous forums. The old forums are still in place until we decide on what we want to switch to so feel free to play with the new ones quite a bit to see how you like it.

13 thoughts on “Testing new forum package.

  1. You’ve probably already looked in to it, but I’m using phpBB over here and I’m quite pleased w/ it.
    Non-restrictive licensing (read: your not limited to x number of forums or posts if you use the free version), a plethora of styles and mods (mods are supported by phpBB developers, as they’ve provided a db for them).

  2. It looks sharp and the layout is intuitive.  One thing I did notice was that personal signatures were extremely large even though they aren’t tagged as such.

    I look forward to the return of some of the ‘inch wide, mile deep’ discussions that took place in the forums.

  3. I’ve run phpBB in the past and I’m not opposed to using it again. My only concern with it is the fact that the development has been at a glacial pace for awhile now. So I thought I’d see what some of the other forums are like before reaching a decision.

    I’m pretty impressed with SMF so far.

  4. I like the new setup, you can see a lot more threads all at once, even a lot of really old ones.

    That one on Christianity and Free Will, for example; I completely missed that discussion, which is too bad, because KyndMynd poured a lot of effort into it , and there were even a few posts of David’s (easily recognizable by the amusing/insufferable attitude).

    Anyway, the new setup has me stumbling across all sorts of stuff that’s basically new to me, since I didn’t check in often enough to catch it the first time around.

    So, thumbs up!

  5. So it sounds like so far the new package is sitting well with folks? One nice thing it allows is multiple templates so if you don’t like the one set as default you can chose from others.

    Should I go ahead and take IPB down at this point then?

  6. Well, you could always see the old threads on IPB if you knew about the display filters.

    Yeah, I know.  But you had to re-select the filter each time you reloaded a main topic.  Petty, I know, but I’m so lazy that the main reason I installed firefox was for mouse-gestures.


  7. I’ve used a board with the karam system.  Does it have the option opt out of the system?  With some it really has to do with the types of posts they make.  With others it’s a popularity contest. It has it’s pros and cons.

  8. Les, I was mostly kidding. The forums have never needed such a feature, but a karma system is pure evil. People get obessed about gaming the system, dissing posters, and all kinds of unpleasant behaviour results. Well, it does on the really busy forums. wink

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