Tech Support.

This flash animation is wrong on so many levels, but also very funny.  Go check out Tech Support.

8 thoughts on “Tech Support.

  1. That is funny.
    I have a Dell, and bought a 3 year warranty, and have had to use it along with tech support… in India.
    Just like in the U.S., tech support ranges from total morons to some helpful staff.
    Besides the language/accent barrier, I’ve been pretty happy with the service. I recently had one girl from India calling me back every few hours, upon my request, to help me troubleshoot an “intermittent” problem with my computer, so I wouldn’t have to stay on the phone the whole day.

    And, ironically, I’m usually the one asking how the weather is.

  2. Too funny & too true…  I have that problem when i call for tech support for my DSL connection, hell even when I call for support for my cell phone… 

    As far as the servise…  some is quite good..  some would need a flashlight, map, GPS, and personal guide to find their ass.

  3. Somebody send me a link on irc last week for the “AMITYVILLE TOASTER” flash video, mabye I just have an odd sense of humor but I think everybody should go watch it. You can find it near the top on pagethis

  4. Thanks, great site. I love that kind of stuff. It’s like way existential. Like Ren & Stimpy.

  5. That shit was great!  They have dvds, so I may get one. 

    My wife bought me the John K set of Ren & Stimpy episodes.  Beavis & Butthead and Ren & Stimpy were premeiering while we were in college.  Foamy looks like it’s right up our ally.

    I think I’ve called tech support for help twice, and to return a product once, in my life so far.  Batting .333 considering the last one was successful – come to find Compaq didn’t install the touchpad manufacturer’s drivers on my client’s laptop, but used the Windows drivers.

    I think I do better just researching problems on the internet.  It’s a lot faster that way too.

  6. From the other side—I hated it when users wouldn’t answer my questions and instead insist that they knew what was wrong.  It made it impossible to help some people!

  7. I love those cartoons. rules.  Funny thing is though that my friend and I both have the same Dell laptop.  He called tech support and had an experience like Foamy’s.  I called and got some english speeking guy who resolved my call in less than 3 min.  Guess I’m just lucky.

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