Student expelled from high school for being gay

Christian school kicked a teen out for being gay

A snoopy fellow student at school told several heads in the administration that Barnett was gay and was running a gay-themed Web site. He was called into the office and grilled about the site and his sexual orientation.

After the discussion Barnett asked the principal repeatedly not to inform his parents. “I again emphasized and I explicitly said, ‘I am 18, I reserve the right for my parents not to know and I do not want them involved.’”

Barnett couldn’t believe what happened next.

“The first people I see to walk in the door are my mother and my father,” he said. “This is where I bury my head in my hands and don’t really know what to do, how to respond. I, for the first time in my life, have never felt that betrayed and first time I’ve ever been speechless.”

Barnett had just been outed by the school administration. “They tell my parents I am ‘struggling with homosexuality.’ My mother broke down in tears, my dad wasn’t particularly thrilled.”

The school took six days to decide that Barnett should be expelled, citing “immoral behavior and supporting an immoral cause” as the reason.

“The reason for expulsion and the suspension is the fact that what I have done is a Class A offense. I am not given a chance to appeal to honor council. “It’s ‘too sensitive.’”

Before the expulsion the administration insisted that Barnett pull his site, even though it was not stored on the school server. It was suggested that if he complied, he might be reinstated. That didn’t happen. He has since put his site up on a private server, which is costing him $200 a month.

1) A private Christian high school expelled a student for being gay and creating a website on homosexuality. Actually the website was “found” by another student who reported it to the school.
2) The 18 year old student told the school not to inform the parents but the parents were informed.

The school is a private one (student had to pay $130,000 a year). Does the fact that it is a private institution means that it is able to set the rules on who to admit and who to expel? Much akin to the private schools in the south following integration of the education system. But as pointed out by the person in his website, there was this other student who was caught with drugs in school but was allowed to stay after a ‘donation’ from the parents. So even if the school had the right to expel, it failed in applying its rules equally to all students.


10 thoughts on “Student expelled from high school for being gay

  1. It’s $130,000 total for the 12 years.  $12,000 per year for high school at TCA.

    From TCA’s website:
    “Trinity Christian Academy admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin.”

    Probably should change it to “Trinity Christian Academy admits heterosexual Christian students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin.”

  2. Does the fact that it is a private institution means that it is able to set the rules on who to admit and who to expel?

    Yes, it does.  They don’t have to be fair, or equal, or anything else that we like.  Their actions were consistent with their beliefs.  And they may feel homosexuality is a more corrupting influence than drugs.  Again, I would disagree; but it’s their school. 

    As for outing the kid, by my lights that was despicable.  But if he’s bright, he’ll learn the appropriate lesson from it. wink

    I can think of a better name for that school, but they’d be unlikely to call the sign company and have a new sign made.

    The part of the story that bugs me: $200 a month for hosting?!!  I sure hope he gets a better deal somewhere!

  3. Surely he could spin this into a defamation of character suit, could he not?

    Has his character not been defamed in the eyes of his parents and school mates?

  4. Frac:

    Truth is an absolute defense to defamation suits in almost all states.  He was expelled because he was gay.  If he is not gay, he has a defamation suit.  If he is gay, no defamation suit.


  5. Remember the country club of the south a while ago? They were the private club that would not admit women. That is their right. We already have so many groups, organizations, and governmental organizations trying to tell us what to do or how to live our lives that this school while being being personally repellent to me is a great example of what America stands for; freedom to be, do, think or act like complete idiots. By the way all his parents needed to do was write a check—kinda like a modern day protestant indulgance. You know, for 100,000 you can smoke grass, for 250,000 you can bugger each other, for 1,000,000 you can rape sheep. God is flexible and he LOVES money.

  6. i despise humanity for things like this. and it is so wrong that they told his parents after he asked them not to. not only is he 18, so it doesn’t concern his parents anymore, but it’s also not a destructive behavior and so if he asked them to keep quiet, they were obligated to do so.

    this boy, he should take this to court.

  7. What Rufus-Leroy said,
    definitely a modern day indulgance. You have to question any institution whose values are up for sale. And how about the kid that ratted him out? Is that a winer or what? (winner?) “By this shall men know ye are my disciples: if ye have love, one for another.” If this is an example of those who go to heaven, I’m certainly glad I’m not going to have them as neighbors for eternity. grin

  8. If this is an example of those who go to heaven, I’m certainly glad I’m not going to have them as neighbors for eternity. – leguru

    What was it Mark Twain said?  “Heaven for climate, hell for company!”

  9. FERPA. If the school receives any federal funding (and they probably benefit from a program or two), they are subject to the terms of FERPA. Because the school was considering this disciplinary action which went on his disciplinary record, the school would’ve needed express written permission from James to call his parents and share this info with them. They didn’t have that. Quite the opposite.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think James has plans to take action against Trinity. I’m not sure about that, though, so don’t quote me on it.

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