Screenwriter for “DOOM” movie pens open letter to fans.

That news item I linked to the other day that dealt with the changes to the DOOM story made for the movie adaptation appears to have touched off a bit of a firestorm among DOOM fans. Which shouldn’t come as a big surprise considering some of the changes that have been reportedly made. As a result the author of the screenplay, Dave Callahan, has penned an open letter to fans of the game which the folks over at HomeLAN Fed have posted to their site:

The screenplay I wrote DOES differ in a number of ways from the games. I want to be very honest and forthcoming in saying that, and I know that I won’t make any friends amongst the fans of the game in doing so. But it should be mentioned that it was never the goal of anyone involved in this film, from myself and the producers to the studio to the guys at id, to make a direct film adaptation of the game(s). The thought process has always been to create an extension of the Doom universe that will give fans an interesting new take on the themes that they’ve come to enjoy in the game. Because let’s be honest here: as far as a completely immersive and cinematic experience, we were never going to top Doom 3 anyway, and we all knew that. Instead, we have toyed with some elements of the game, and yes, I am pretty much solely responsible for that, since it was my pitch and my screenplay that got made. Let me assure you, though, that the themes and elements that you love about Doom are ALL represented strongly in the film…just with some new twists.

Dave goes on to point out that the Hollywood machine works in such a way that not even his screenplay is making it to the silver screen unscathed, but that’s how it works and he’s done his best in trying to keep the themes intact if not the details. It does seem like it’s beyond the ability of the folks who run the movie studios not to tinker with something they’re trying to adapt, but in all fairness it’s not like the changes mean the movie has to suck. After all, there were some significant changes to the Lord of the Rings trilogy, let alone major omissions, and it still turned out to be pretty damned amazing just the same. Not that I expect DOOM to be anything close to what the LotR movies were, but the point still stands.


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  1. Well I saw what a dogs breakfast they made of Resident Evil,Street Fighter & Mario Brothers,so I think I’ll wait and hire the sucker.

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