Pre-holiday running around.

Been very busy this weekend for a change. Courtney is visiting with her Aunt Dawn for the weekend so she can attend the McCormick Christmas party and that gave Anne and I the opportunity to go out today and get the Christmas shopping accomplished. Funds being tight our list of people we’re buying for is smaller than usual so we were able to get it all done in a day. Not that we won’t be going back out into the fray at least once more each. Courtney wants to pick up something for Anne and I so we’ll take turns heading out into the stores one last time with Courtney so she can buy our gifts and we can get a little something for each other while we’re at it. That’ll happen sometime Monday or Tuesday, but other than that we’re pretty much done.

On the way home we stopped by Blockbuster and rented a couple of movies I missed in the theater: I, Robot and the third Harry Potter movie. But before I could sit down to watch either one of them I had to work on Dawn’s PC for a bit. She had me bring it home so I could see about speeding it up a bit. Thought perhaps it might be a virus or some malware, but overall it wasn’t in too bad of a shape. Couple bits of spyware present, but nothing that would explain the speed issues. Tried defragging the drive and got it upgraded to SP2. Speed still isn’t great, but not a whole lot more that can be done with it for the moment. I’ll probably end up suggesting we restage it sometime soon. That’s the best bet at this point.

While the defrag was taking place I went out and watched I, Robot which ended up being better than I expected it to be even if I did manage to figure it out around two-thirds of the way through. It might have helped that I don’t remember that much from the original series of short stories to have it get in the way of the movie version. HP will have to wait until tomorrow as I’m kinda tired so I’m headed to bed soon.

Oh, going back to Christmas presents once more I should mention that I received a couple of packages on Friday both from Amazon. One was a nicely wrapped gift from Mac of pesky’apostrophe fame and it joined the other two under my Christmas tree. The second package wasn’t gift wrapped and turned out to be Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater which cause me to squeal with delight. Turns out it was also from DeadScot who bought me nice things off my wish list as a pre-thank you for some assistance I’m about to provide him with on Monday.

Tomorrow will require me spending some time working on some Disaster Recovery documentation that I brought home from work to finish up before the end of the year and Courtney will be coming home sometime in the afternoon so my day tomorrow will be pretty full as well. That’s what I’m up to this weekend. Don’t know if I’ll get much more in the way of entries written between all this other stuff. Been feeling a little brain dead the past couple of days so I’m not sure I’d have much of interest to say anyway, but if I come up with anything I’ll be sure to make a note of it.

4 thoughts on “Pre-holiday running around.

  1. Les,
    I think you’ve finally dicovered a legitimate use for the Christ myth: gift exchanging. Maybe some cultural thingies, too. Pick out the few good things and leave out the ugly. Good shopping! grin

  2. I’m sure there are quite a few Brights hanging out here.
    I signed up the day they opened their doors.
    I still have no problem with the word “Atheist” tho.

    My new fave Carlin quote…
    “I’m a Hi-Tech Low-Life!”

  3. Tech document writing…one of my favorite things to do! (Really, it is.) Then again, being a Spyware Helper in Training at the Spyware Information forums, etc. lends well to my joy of technical writing smile I bought Harry Potter 3 for my girlfriend for Christmas. Funny thing is, my brother bought the same gift for his girlfriend, and we never had even discussed it with eachother beforehand. We also both have girlfriends who have Master’s Degrees in Special Education (My girlfriend teaches it, his girlfriend is a school Psychologist).

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