Play “Anarchy Online” for free. Yes, there’s a catch.

Fans have long joked that MMORPGs are as addictive as drugs—Everquest has often been referred to as “EverCrack” for years now—and the folks at Funcom must be hoping that the analogy proves true. Like your local dealer, they’re offering to let you play Anarchy Online for free in hopes of getting you hooked, but only if you sign up soon and only as long as you don’t want to use any of the expansion packs that have been released:

Durham, USA — December 15, 2004 – Funcom announces that Anarchy Online will be the first major western live MMO without a subscription fee*. In a unique move Funcom is removing all cost barriers in the ultimate sci-fi MMORPG, allowing all new players to enter and stay, free of cost! At the same time Funcom is departing from the obligatory need to register with a credit card, making for an easier entrance and registration process.

In an increasingly competitive market for fantasy MMO games, Anarchy Online stands out as the superior alternative if you like online RPG’s and sci-fi. Not only will this new and totally free approach allow everyone tired of elves, fairies and gnomes to enter a futuristic RPG world full of fun action, it will also make it possible for those who are sci-fi fans to explore a world hailed and rewarded as the best sci-fi MMO available today.

“Funcom has always been recognized as an inventive MMO developer. This unique move will allow us to test important new business models prior to announcing future online games, while also giving everyone the chance to experience the best online sci-fi RPG totally free of cost” said Trond Arne Aas, President and CEO of Funcom.

“We feel very confident in the unique features and heralded qualities of our game, and are now openly inviting everyone playing MMO’s to find out what Anarchy Online is all about, completely free of commitment” said Ole Schreiner, Project Director for Anarchy Online. “Not only can we boast of a fantastic game which has been expanding for years, we are also constantly adding exciting new content, progressively making the ultimate sci-fi MMORPG even better.”

More information, videos and screenshots from the award-winning game:

To download the free full version of Anarchy Online:

Prominent awards and press quotes:

* Offer valid only on new accounts created between 15 December 2004 and 15 January 2005. Other restrictions and conditions may apply. See registration information for details. The free version does not include access to any of the three expansion packs. Should you wish to upgrade to any of the expansion packs monthly subscription and client fees will be added.

So, in theory, as long as you’re happy with the initial release version you could play the game indefinitely for little more than the time involved in downloading the client. If nothing else it’s a good way to get people to give it a shot and see if they like it.

Press release found via Blues News.

3 thoughts on “Play “Anarchy Online” for free. Yes, there’s a catch.


    What I need Is someone to hook me on a good source of extra time. Anybody who deals in hours? I might even go for some months…

  2. It figures that a free game which is playable with a 56k modem (at least according to the offical specs) is an 817mb download!


    I’m stilltrying to successfully download Fedora Core 3 and now I’m being tempted to download this game. Curse you, filthy peddlers of electronic crack, CURSE YOU!

  3. ROFL, man, that game is so lame. When it was released (the one they are trying to get people to play for free) it was more like a stage 2 or 3 beta than a release product. Server crashes, random disconnects, people and pets getting stuck inside of walls and other objects, etc. etc. etc. AFTER Funcom claimed it was “110%” bug-free and full release. Glad I got my refund for that POS game.

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