Pastor Used Fear Of Devil To Have Sex With Women

Alrighty.  In this religious sports update it seems the Sex Starved True Believers TM are gaining ground on the Catholic Pedophiles.  There’s still a lot of time left in the season and I suspect that the Mormon Polygamists won’t go down without a fight.

Pastor Used Fear Of Devil To Have Sex With Women
Trial Set For Next Year
UPDATED: 1:23 PM EST November 29, 2004

SAN DIEGO—A National City, Calif., pastor accused of using the fear of the devil to persuade women in his congregation to have sex with him will go on trial next year.

Carlos Romero, 59, faces up to five years and eight months in prison if convicted of three felony counts, including making a criminal threat.  Superior Court Judge William Kennedy Wednesday scheduled a pretrial hearing for Dec. 13, with trial scheduled to start Feb. 14.

At a Sept. 17 preliminary hearing, La Mesa, Calif., police Sgt. Daniel Willis testified that Romero told him he was sorry for telling three women who went to his church the “devil would physically harm them and he could protect them if they had sex with him.”

Willis said the pastor told him he knew his actions toward the women were wrong and he “wouldn’t do it again.”
A woman identified as Dora testified that she had gone to Romero’s church for about a year and came back in 2000. She said she met the defendant in Fashion Valley last January.  “He told me that there was a revelation from God,” Dora said. “He told me that I had already been attacked by the devil, that I could only stop this by having sexual relations with him.”

Dora said she believed Romero because she considered him a “true pastor” who was “guiding us toward eternal life.”  Another woman testified that Romero told her the devil would leave her “gravely wounded” if she did not have sex with him.  A third woman testified that Romero threatened to kill her after she tried to end their sexual relationship in February 2003.

Just how brainwashed does a woman have to be go along with this?  Oh, for you ladies out there.  If your pastor tells you the devil is gonna get you if you don’t have sex, call me.  I’m fully trained to protect you.

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21 thoughts on “Pastor Used Fear Of Devil To Have Sex With Women

  1. I find it difficult to imagine that any of them were truly fooled or taken advantage of. Regretful later, maybe, but not fooled.

    It’s somehow appropriate that the authority figure who violated their trusts could also be the authority figure they would turn to to offer solace. Sin and salvation in one convenient stop and that is certainly nothing new.

    I have little sympathy for fools and fakers.

    Terribly relevant entry though, deadscot.

  2. Ahhh, geez.  Just a few more slack-jawed, wide-eyed, suckers to join the likes of all the fools who show up in the cornfield becasue the farmer’s wife dreamed Mary said she’d show up in the sky on a certain day.  I don’t feel sorry for these people.  I wish I didn’t have a bitchy conscience, or I’d go find a dog turd with what might be a face in it and sell it on Ebay as a holy relic.  Yeah! Me and the cheese sandwich lady will be rich!  Naaaahh.

  3. you either have to be a complete idoit or WANT to be fooled into having sex with a 59 year-old pastor claiming that the devil will harm you if you don’t.

    i’m all about guys getting laid, and i won’t stand in someone’s way, but this is just pathetic and wrong.

  4. I think those women should be prosecuted for being such idiots.

    Just joking…sort of. My point is that there will always be humans scum out there trying to take advantage of people, and that those with absolutely no defenses against such have themselves to blame.

    Except, of course, if they just wanted to have sex with a priest, which is probably a pretty large part of the story as well.

  5. Aside from the criminal threat charge, I’m to wonder what the other charges might be?  Coercion?  It’s hard to see how the prosecution could make a case from a sex crime angle since the women were never in danger and they freely had intercourse with the pastor.

  6. Really, maybe a lot of people will attack me for saying this, but if those women were stupid enough to believe a line like that, then they deserved to sleep with a 59 year old sneaky pastor.
    I mean, what kind of a case does he really have?  Can people now be prosecuted for lying about their ages (not talking about underageness here), their jobs, their dick sizes?  People lie all the time to get sex.  What’s the big deal?

  7. Wait a second, how do we know he was lying? I mean, there is not proof it was a lie, is there? It could very well be god’s honest truth.  smile

    (I like the fact that you are “supposed” to feel outraged at the pastor and sorry for the women, but everyone here seems to share a slightly different take…)

  8. spocko:

    The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun. (Ecclesiastes 1:9)

    This is a good illustration of the artificiallity of assigning blame: was the pastor abusing his position of power, or were the woman too easily duped?  Probably both of the above.

  9. Wait a second, how do we know he was lying? I mean, there is not proof it was a lie, is there? It could very well be god’s honest truth.

    interesting point!

    I like the fact that you are “supposed

  10. Originally posted by Zachary Braverman:
    Wait a second, how do we know he was lying? I mean, there is not proof it was a lie, is there? It could very well be god’s honest truth.

    God does not do or say anything contrary to the Bible.  Would you like some scripture with your false conclusion?

  11. shut eye What if the pastor really did think that the devil had attacked the women?I mean, how do we know that the pastor wasn’t crazy?I’ve seen several instantses in which people actually believe that what their doing is right.Although that can’t be the case here,because the pastor in question told his friend that he knew what he was doing was wrong.“Willis said the pastor told him he knew his actions toward the women were wrong and he “wouldn’t do it again.

  12. Theocrat boldly claims: God does not do or say anything contrary to the Bible.

    (encouragingly). . . and you know this because you have tapes of God saying things that are NOT contained in the bible? (/encouragingly)

    Theo: Would you like some scripture with your false conclusion?


    Thanks, just bunch it up into a couple of big wads and leave it there: i’m almost ready to wipe!

  13. BT: Theocrat boldly claims: God does not do or say anything contrary to the Bible.

    Because I’ve got nothing else important to do for an hour or so I found where Theo recently made a comment suggesting he’s not altogether believing that point of view any longer – then again maybe I’m too optimistic.
    THEOCRAT on 10/07/06 at 07:46 AM wrote the following…

    This turned out to be partially true for me.  Y’all challenging my political beliefs helped bring me from 2,1 on the political compass to -5,-1.  I recently retook it and came in at -7,-5.  It seems reading all that anarchist philosophy is having an effect. wink

    I’m not suggesting he’s changed his religious beliefs … but one can always hope his teapot is ready to shatter into the asteroid beltwink

  14. Hey, LJ!  There was a new post here that i’m guessing Les pulled, and that’s what drew my attention to Theo’s post (but unfortunately not to the date of the post!).

    After my post hit the board, I saw the date and got embarassed, cuz I know Theo has kind of seen the light since the whole “Theocracy” debate here a while back (at least at it pertains to theocracies) . . . so I hope he forgives my hasty shot across the steeple.

    That post woulda been funny 2 years ago. (*sigh!*)

  15. That post woulda been funny 2 years ago. (*sigh!*)

    I thought it was pretty funny now. LOL

  16. Help me out here I’m just a working Joe, I am not very well versed in regards to psychology.  What is with the unhealthy sexual obsession with the deeply religious?  They are either closet fuck machines of a deviate nature or openly insecure from their naiveity to the point that they wouldn’t know what to do with the opposite sex if it was presented on a platter with a side of personal lube and a bottle of Ruffies.


  17. I’m just guessing that maybe their lessons have been focused on what and how to hate (= fear).
    It allows them to feel normal; just like everyone they associate with and it takes far less courage.

  18. Craig: … or openly insecure from their naivety

    I had the link open but only just read it.
    This bloke has been a fuckwit in Oz for too many years.
    I can’t understand why he hasn’t been deported for his inflammatory rhetoric.
    Probably cos it would upset the muslims.
    His sermons often mention that women invite rape (because muslim men have no self-discipline/control).
    There have been a few high profile cases involving muslim men raping Oz girls.
    Muslim mothers when being interviewed have usually mentioned that the girls asked for it because they dressed provocatively
    One day I’ll mention that a muslim man should not be allowed in charge of a powerful car because he doesn’t possess the self-control (to resist the temptation) needed to obey the road rules.

    “Women in our Australian society have the freedom and right to dress as they choose, the duty of man is to avert his glance or walk away,” he said.

    Or, look but don’t touch.  wink

  19. I just heard the news headlines – the mufti is in hospital and a muslim spokesman has said the mufti is on indefinite leave.
    Apparently in Brisbane, organisers of a Muslim festival withdrew the sheik’s invitation.

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