Kids say the darndest things 2.

Back in October of ‘03 I stole an entry from ***Dave about EGM magazine sitting a bunch of today’s kids down with old video games from the past to see what they had to say about them. Now I’m stealing the followup entry from Average-Bear which talks about how they’ve gone back recently and done it a second time with equally amusing results:

[On playing Adventure]
Bobby: A duck ate me.

EGM: What ate you?

Parker: A pink duck.

EGM: What do you think this character’s name is?

Parker: Dot. Or Adventure? That’s what this game is, isn’t it? Go up, go up, go up.

Bobby: Stupid duck. I hate the duck. The duck is evil.

Parker: Go left, go left, go left. Grab the arrow. That’s the only way you can kill the duck. You have to run that into the duck.

Garret: It’s a spear or something.

[On playing Defender]
EGM: Before this came out in compilations, we used to put quarters in arcade machines.

Parker: You wasted quarters in this?

EGM: Yeah.

Parker: That’s so sad.

Garret: I like it. It’s one of those games you play and play and play, just like Madden.

Rachel: If I knew what any of these buttons meant, I might push them.

EGM: That’s how we felt.

Yep, nothing like sharing your fond memories with a bunch of snot-nosed punks to make you feel old. On the bright side at least I get to carry on the tradition of bitching and moaning about how the younger generation don’t appreciate how good they got it.

6 thoughts on “Kids say the darndest things 2.

  1. Defender was one of my fav’s…

    Damn Punks! Don’t know whats good for ‘em… and damnnit stay off the lawn ..

    Yep – I am feeling old

    Defender… like Madden? Uhm… Like Bush is to Intelligent smile

  2. Ahahaha!  That is so funny.

    Here’s a good one

    Bobby: After you beat the death star level, there should be a snow level, then a small speederbike level. They should make a Matrix game in the theme of Star Wars. So then you take out your sword and run up to a guy and go, “Chiiing!” And after you saw though his head, you fly inside your X-wing.

    hehehehe.  Kids huh?

  3. (Distant misty-eyed look) Man, I remember when “Pong” came out.  The pizza place on River street got one, and it like, doubled their business for a while.  Imagine!  That little ball bouncing back and forth on a TV screen!

    Then years later, the Simpson’s Kang and Kodos tell Marge and Homer that they have advanced entertainment technology, and Marge replies: “That’s just Pong!  We had that years ago!”

  4. Pong! I lived across the street from Ted Dabney. You may not know his name, but his partner was Nolan Bushnell. The two of them started a little thing called Atari. Yep, good old Ted had one of the first Pong games, in his garage. Talk about kids that loved video games. I was one of the first.

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