Gravatar needs our help.

Remember the other day when the Gravatar icons that normally show up in the comments here all suddenly changed to a simple graphic saying that they’d be back soon? Did you wonder what the hell that was all about? Yeah, me too. Now Brent over at UTI fills us on on what the story is. Seems Tom Werner, the fellow who came up with the idea of a “Globally Recognized Avatar,” had his Dreamhost account closed down because he’s currently serving 23,880,863 gravatars and it’s eating up all the processing time on the server he was hosted on.

So the call has gone out looking for folks to donate a few bucks toward helping buy a dedicated server for the gravatar service. As Brent points out, if he can get just 10% of the folks using his free service to toss a few bucks his way he’d have more than enough funding to set up shop on a dedicated server. Gravatar is a great service Tom is providing free of charge so a little lovin’ from us is the least we can do to help out.

2 thoughts on “Gravatar needs our help.

  1. If you want to donate more than $10 you have to fiddle around a lot, log into PayPal, specify the recipient, etc.  Either that or there was a way to change the amount and I’m too dumb to spot it (which is not that unlikely.)

  2. To be honest, as a student I find that $10 is pretty much for a service I like but could do without. I wanted to give around $2-4 and couldn’t. So I left again.

    Not smart. Even if paypal takes a buck of each transfer (I don’t know how much), it would be more than they are getting now.

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