Dad auctions off Christmas presents on eBay after kids are naughty.

Turns out it’s not Santa that these kids had to worry about being good for. They pushed their parents too far and now Dad’s selling off their presents on eBay. The actual auction can be seen here.

The man said he and his wife announced the possible punishment in a family meeting earlier this week.

“We told them to think about what kind of brothers they were being, how they were treating their parents and what kind of men they were going to grow up to become,” he said. “We told them they were destroying each other and the calm and peace in the household. It had to stop.”

The boys pledged to reform, he said, but were back at their rowdy ways early the next morning.

“When two of them were together, they’d get along great,” he man said. “But as soon as the third comes in, it’s immediately two against one.”

The next evening, a second family meeting was held to announce that the top level of presents – about $700 in video games – would be sold on the computer auction site. The oldest boy, the man said, responded with a challenge to carry out the threat.

“My first thought was, ‘Oh, (expletive),’ He’s telling me to prove it. What are you going to do then?” the man said. “You can’t just let the tail wag the dog. If this has a positive long-term effect, and it makes them better people, that’s all that counts. I’m certainly not a vindictive, mean, evil beastie of a person.”

The boys’ mother noted the children increasingly have been disrespectful to her, their father and each other.

“We’re on a very limited income,” she said, “and we scrimped and we saved. You have no idea how hard it was to get these games for the boys, but I did and I was treated like crap. … It really crushes me, but we felt like we had to take a stand.

“I kind of prayed that they (the toys) didn’t sell on eBay.”

Jinkies! That’s definitely a lesson learned the hard way.

I can recall more than one occasion growing up where one or more of us kids got way out of line and my folks threatened to take back all our Christmas presents unless we straightened up, but I don’t think any of us were ever stupid enough to actually challenge them to do it. Calling my mother’s bluffs never resulted in anything positive for any of us kids and I’m pretty sure that if one of us had managed to get Christmas canceled then the other two would’ve definitely been out for blood. There are just some things you don’t want to risk your parents being serious about going through with. Not if you have any brains in your head at least.

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  1. First off, I’d say the children deserve it for being the snot-nosed brats they were.

    If I was the parent, and after getting rid of their presents they acted worse, I would have shipped them off to boot camp instead of giving them coal.

    Also James, why was the auction taken down?

  2. This reminds me of a Christmas at my house when I was younger.  Matt, my brother, was a challenging child.  He wasn’t mean-spirited.  He would test Mom & Dad a lot though, and that year he had done so in spades.  With 6 of us boys, he was time consuming that year.  The two weeks before Christmas, he tried to mend his ways to ensure he received the presents he asked for that year.

    Mom and Dad talked to one of our neighbors who was a guy in his late 20’s and heavy set.  He agreed to be Santa.  Santa came to our house that year. 

    On Christmas Eve, we were gathered in the family room singing Christmas songs around the piano, when there was a knock on the door.  Dad answered the door and in walked Santa.  Matt nearly ran over everybody to get to Santa’s lap.  He jumped up on Santa’s lap and asked Santa “Do you have any presents for me?”  I knew what was coming and had to move to the corner so I didn’t cry.

    Santa, and my hat goes off to the neighbor for being able to do what he did with such authenticity, pulled Matt close to him.  He told Matt “Matthew, I understand that you have not been very good this year.  So, when I was making my list this year I wanted to put your name on it, but I couldn’t because of the way you behaved.”  Matt’s face fell. 

    Santa pulled out of his sack of presents a plastic ziplock bag that was filled with charcoal from the grill. Matt had heard about kids getting coal for Christmas.  His eyes started to water up with tears.  At this point, myself, my younger brother Bob, my Mom, and my Dad all have tears streaming down our face.  Mom and Dad later confessed that at this point they nearly called it off, because it was so hard to do.

    Santa handed the coal to Matt, and said “This is what I was told by my elves to give you.  When they told me that you were getting coal, I was surprised because you have the potential to be such a wonderful person.”  At this point, even Santa’s voice had a hitch in it.  He went on though “So, I decided to check in on you myself these past few weeks.  I’ve seen you help set the table, take out the trash, and take care of your little brothers.  I’ve also seen you refuse to share your toys with your brothers.”

    Santa continued “I decided that you deserved a second chance, Matthew.  I’ve brought you a present.”  Santa reached into his sack and pulled out a shooting gallery that Matt had asked for and gave it to him.  Santa finished with Matt by saying “Now Matthew, I know that your parents love you, and I know that they need your help with your younger brothers.  Will you help them by being an example of how an older brother helps out?”  Matt responded quickly “Yes.”

    Santa distributed the rest of his presents that year, but it was and is a Christmas that Matt never forgot. Nor did we.

  3. My brother was so ugly to my sister this year that she took back his presents before Christmas. Don’t blame her, poor kid. Having to put up with an alcoholic as help at her market isn’t fun.

    I got a 100 lb sack of coal and some fatwood for Christmas one year- it was a gift I appreciated, actually- my home was coal heated (it was in England) and the coal lasted me until spring. Another friend gave me a bag of chestnuts, so I had the English style roasted chestnuts. They pop like popcorn, and the cats were ducking the flying pieces- along with me!


  4. Is it just me or do kids nowadays seem to be getting worse in their self-centered desires. I grew up poor with two brother in a single parent household. I remember that we never asked for extravagant Christmas presents—it never entered our minds—because we knew we could’nt afford them. We were very grateful for what we did get and never felt that we had been short-changed. If the child in the article had indeed been so poorly behaved as to warrant such treatment I would’nt have given him anything except for the charcoal. It is a lesson that while brutal in our consumer driven world might have driven the point of Christmas home in a more spiritual manner. Enjoy your family and friends while you can—stuff won’t make you happy.

  5. My jaw dropped what with the article and it saying that they spent $700 on games.  My family’s not really poor, but not very well off either.  If I EVER ask for anything, it’s usually something for expensive…because I’m interested in computers and such…and tech equipment and/or computer games are expensive.  I asked for nothing this year having bought most my computer stuff myself, yet they still got me some stuff.  God bless them.  Still though…people are crazy. 

    And yes, it has been taken down, my guess the parents couldn’t follow through.

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