Comment Previews now working properly.

If you’ve been using the preview function in the comments here at SEB you may have noticed that after hitting preview the first time any subsequent previews didn’t update the display properly even though the changes would take effect if you posted the comment. Well, it’s working as it should now with each click of the preview button updating the page.

Turns out it was a problem of my own making. I have most of the templates set to cache for a period of time to help reduce server load and the comment preview template was one of them. For some reason it didn’t occur to me that this would be a bad idea. Anyway, caching is turned off for the comment preview template so you can preview as many times as you’d like before submitting now.

4 thoughts on “Comment Previews now working properly.

  1. Woohooo *previews* … *previews again*

    Now this does make me happy grin No more only previewing once! That’s actually a serious limitation in a Blog such as yours, where people actually discuss in the comments wink

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