Boy, do I know how this feels!

I really relate to today’s Foxtrot:

6 thoughts on “Boy, do I know how this feels!

  1. The enduring question will be answered:What happened with Saruman.Loved the original ROTK,but with no Mr Lee I was sorely disappointed.I can accept all the other changes from the book,but I cynically feel the producers left out what may be the best scenes,just to entice us with the extended version.

  2. you are a stupid bastard and i hate you yes i do i do no like you on no i dont and i want to kill you o yes i do, i dont like the way you look or the way u talk, i also dot like the way you walk. i will kill you at anytime it could be on quarter of nine and you’d be mine now i might not kill you without the light it might just be a tight lil squeez now you can die, die right away or you can just die another day

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