Best of Blog (BoB) Awards 2004 now accepting nominations.

There are already several different competing award events for bloggers out there with the best known being the Bloggies, but the folks over at Blog Mechanics wondered where was the awards for the smaller bloggers who deserve more attention? So they decided to make their own blogger award event which they are calling: Best of Blog (BoB) Awards 2004.

Why another blog awards? After we saw the list of finalists for the Wizbang 2004 Weblog Awards, we realized something was missing. Why the heavy focus on politics? Why were the smaller blogs not getting the recognition they deserved? Why was no one honoring blogs devoted to everyday concerns, like knitting or weight loss?

While the Diarist Awards and the Bloggies mitigate this to some extent, neither award reflects the rich diversity of the blogosphere. So to fill the gap, we created the Best of Blog, or BoB, Awards. Named after the pseudonymous spammer who clutters our blogs with advertisements for Viagra and Texas Hold-Em, the BoB Awards go out of their way to recognize the great efforts of those online diarists who blog about their minutiae of their life…and entertain hundreds of others in the process.

The nominating process for various categories is now underway including categories such as Most Humorous, Best Mommy and Best Daddy blogs, Best New Blog, Best Blog Whore, Best Overall Blog and a few more.

I recognize a couple of the blogs that have been nominated so far including Buzzstuff, which is where I first read about this. There’s also a few new-to-me blogs I’ll have to make a point of visiting again that I’ve found in the nominations. At this rate we’re going to be awash in blogger award events not unlike newspaper journalists and we’ll all spend more time congratulating each other than actually writing entries, but if you just can’t get enough of award events then head on over and join in on the fun. I’m going to be making a couple of nominations myself.

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