Basking in the Yuletide afterglow.

Yeah, I’ve been lazy the past couple of days. Haven’t done much blogging or even looking at news sites. I still haven’t made it to trying out all my new toys yet and that’s primarily what I’ve been occupied with—that and dealing with a bad back that was acting up. I called my nephew on Christmas night after we got back from Anne’s parents to see how he was getting along with the new PC he and his sister got for Christmas. Wes had me price out a couple of boxes for the kids as a Christmas surprise and then had me out a couple of weekends before Christmas to put them together. The kids had no clue and word has it they spazzed out pretty good when they finally unwrapped them. Anyway, I called to see how they were doing and things weren’t going well. Wes had bought a wireless router to hook the kids into the home network with and was having trouble with that plus a couple of the games they had were crashing in odd spots. Well, I couldn’t leave the kids thinking their Uncle built them crap PCs so I saddled up and drove out there to see if I couldn’t straighten things out. Somewhere along the way I must have twisted my back a bit as it was spasming by the time I got there, but only on one side rather than right in the middle like it usually does. This means I could still walk OK, but bending over or turning to one side was touchy.

I was there until after 12:20 AM and I managed to get the wireless working and the video card drivers updated and that solved most of the issues they were having. We hadn’t really had time to test the PCs out when we were putting them together as the kids were only going to be out of the house for a few hours. The only major problem left when I finally headed home was for some reason Dakota’s copy of Call of Duty which I bought him for Christmas wouldn’t load the single player game properly. I think it was an issue with the copy protection and the particular brand of DVD-ROM drive we had put in his machine as the drive would spin up to check the disc at about the time it was locking up on us yet the multiplayer half of the game, which doesn’t require the CD in the drive, works just fine. I’ve got to look into that further, but the game runs properly on his Dad’s PC so he can always play the single player downstairs. Since that night, though, I’ve been nursing a sore back.

I still need to list off the rest of my loot, but I’m going to go back to playing Shadow Hearts for a little bit first.

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  1. Well at least you are still here. Two of my “adult” friends have disapeared into endless playing of Sid Meier’s Pirates,  an addictive game revived from their mis-spent youth.

    So, enjoy your afterglow!

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