And now a holiday message from Melvin…

11 thoughts on “And now a holiday message from Melvin…

  1. Strange…

    Melvin looks a lot like our Luna… seperated at birth?

    Or do weirdo bloggers such as ourselves have similar tastes in cats …  shock

    Happy Holidays [pick one] to you and yours! We are having a wonderful festivus!

  2. He’s got that look of…
    “You’ll find your present from me in your shoe – I saved up for it!”

    Hope everyone had a great holiday!

  3. Laser-eye-beams!

    You definitely don’t want *him* to know if you’ve been bad!

    Happy Christmas to you all!

  4. Merry Christmas Les and Family !

    And meow meow meow to Melvin !!

    May the coming year bring All of us a little hope.

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