ACLU Files Lawsuit Over “Intelligent Design.”

ACLU files lawsuit over Intelligent Design

Harrisburg, PA (AP)

Two civil liberties groups representing 11 parents on Tuesday sued a school district that is requiring students to learn about alternatives to the theory of evolution.

The ACLU and Americans United for Separation of Church and State said the lawsuit is the first in the nation to challenge whether public schools should teach “intelligent design,” which holds that the universe is so complex that it must have been created by some higher power.

The Dover Area School District was believed to be the first in the nation to mandated the instruction of intelligent design when it voted 6-3 on Oct. 18 in favor of including the concept in the science curriculum.

The ACLU contends intelligent design is a more secular form of creationism, a biblical-based view that credits the origin of species to God, and may violate the constitutional separation of church and state.

“Intelligent design is a Trojan horse for bringing religious creationism back into the public science classroom.” Witold Walczak, legal director for the state ACLU chapter, said during a news conference.

The lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court in Harrisburg. The complaint alleges that the parents “perceive the district’s action as conveying a governmental message that students should subscribe to the religious views reflected in the assertion or argument of intelligent design.”

School district officials had no immediate comment on the lawsuit. Administrators have declined to discuss the mandate, which applies to ninth-grade biology classes at Dover High School.

School board member William Buckingham, who spearheaded the change as leader of the board’s curriculum committee, has said previously that he proposed the change as a way to balance evolution with competing theories that raise questions about its scientific validity.

One of the plaintiffs, Tammy Kitzmiller, expressed concern that the school board would mandate the teaching of “something that isn’t accepted as science.”

Hopefully the challenge in court will succeed, because this IS a blatant violation of separation of church and state in my eyes, and even in the eyes of my mom, and some others, who ARE Christians themselves (I am not a Christian per se, although like a lot of others, I find some good things to filch from the Bible for personal use. I.E. Don’t Steal, etc.). I don’t feel that this theory, which holds less weight scientifically than a goose down feather, has any place in a public school science curriculum.

This matter hits close to home, as I have family members who go to Dover High School, and my girlfriend is a teacher here where we live here in Warren. If the plaintiffs fail in this matter, then it leaves the door wide open for the religious wrong to force their narrow views and crackpot theories into public schools everywhere in my opinion. My girlfriend is still waiting for the Bushies to sneak faith-based crap into NCLB and this would open it up for them to do so, since they would have “legal precedent.”

[Editor’s Note: I was unable to find the original source used in the quote so I’ve linked to a reprint of the news item on the Yahoo! News service.]

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  1. Said Scott:

    For many years this (evolution) was the accepted view.

    It still is the accepted view. There’s a reason for that—it’s valid science.

    But in “scientific circles

  2. I’m all for intelligent discourse, but I have to ask: From what bizarre, twisted universe do you get these ideas? There is no respectable scientific entity that considers evolution even shaky, let alone “an embarrassment”. Evolution in no way violates the 2nd law of thermodynamics; in fact, all of life harnesses the 2nd law for its very existence.

    You seem to imagine that citing published works grants you automatic validity, but keep in mind that the National Enquirer is also published (and probably more widely read than anything you reference).

  3. IO, it helps if you mention who you’re addressing. We get a lot of off-the-wall commenters around here so it can get confusing at times.

  4. I doubt that very few of you have ever even heard any of the proof against evolution. If you ask me, evolution has very little evidence suporting it at all. And if any of you can come up with evidence that “proves” evoultion, please post it.

  5. Most “proofs” of evolution tought in the public school today do not suport evoultion at all i.e. the pepered moth story. They suport natural selection wich, contrary to what the people osting may think, is accepted by creationism.

  6. It is said that, because we share 98% of our DNA with chimps, we must be 98% cimpanzee. But we also share 50% of DNA with bananas and, as far as I can tell, we are not half banana. If you disagree, take a good look in a miror. Do you see any peels? Or how about a stem sticking out of your head? If you are still dumb enough to think that you are 50% banana, then the banana must all be contained within your brain cavity because that is the only explanation for such idiocy.

  7. Ryan: “If you ask me, evolution has very little evidence suporting it at all. And if any of you can come up with evidence that “proves” evoultion, please post it.”

    We didn’t ask you, Ryan, we asked people who know what the hell they’re talking about.

    Proof is for mathematics, didn’t you know that?  Science starts with an hypothesis, finds supporting evidence, and develops it into a predictive theory.  Examples of other scientific theories include atomic theory, gravitational theory, germ theory and quantum theory.  None are regarded as “facts” but they’re damn reliable and evolutionary theory is supported by as much or more evidence as any of them.

    The chemical machinery of life – the really complicated stuff – is quite similar between a banana tree and a whale, or a human.  The rest is structure.

    But all that science stuff is too hard for you, isn’t it?  It requires you to think on time and distance scales that are unfamiliar to you.  Much easier to say; “If it is beyond my immediate senses, it must be outside the observable universe altogether and constitutes proof of God.”

  8. Ryan: I doubt that very few of you have ever even heard any of the proof against evolution.

    I’ve heard some pretty flimsy counter-arguments to the theory of evolution, most of which have been thoroughly debunked many times. I have yet to hear about any “proof” against evolution.

  9. First off, Ryan, pick a fucking name and stick with it. First you use Ryan then you use Fact Man. Make up your damned mind.

    Secondly, you’ve given us no reason (especially after changing your name) to take anything you say seriously so the fact that you think there’s no evidence for Evolution just shows what a dumbfuck you are.

  10. What else can we ever expect from the leftists ACLU and those other groups their so cuaght up in this darwinism crap they want this whole rediculous nonsense of EVOLUTION tuaght as facts which that crazy nut case CARL SAGAN was pushing i mean its EVOLUTION is one of the reasons for RACISM and why hitler persicuted the jews BLAME IT ON DARWIN

  11. Its called INTELLEGENT DESIGN becuase GOD IS INTELLEGENT we should all EVOLUTION for what it realy is STUPID DESIGN becuase all life sore didnt come from some rediculous fish with those stupid little feet on them humans didnt decend from no apes and birds are not the decendents of dinosoars and for someone to tell you when their a robin nesting in your backyard to say you have a dinasoar in your backyard proves their stupid and ignorant just like many liberals are

  12. Funny, even you don’t know why it’s called Intelligent Design, Flu-Bird. It’s not a compliment to the designer, but an assertion that there was a conscious designer and not an emergent process of some kind like evolution.

    By the way, have you ever read a book about evolution written by someone who actually knew anything about it?  Or are you just spouting off?

  13. Flu-Bird.  What evidence do you have for God?  Now at this point the Creationist usually points at the bible and says ‘There!’.  before you do that please consider the following.

    1) Why should a Sikh not point to their holy books and go ‘There!’ as proof of their beliefs. 


    2) Is the Koran true? I ask because Muslims basically consider the Koran as the 3rd Part of the bible.  The only real disagreements between Christians and Muslims are whether Jesus was the son of god or just another prophet.  This actually makes the whole Jewish/Islam thing even more stupid.  I have seen writing for the Muslim point of view that says “Moses (peace be upon him)” or “Jesus (peace be upon him)”- EXACTLY the same as “Mohammed (peace be upon him)”

    1) The Abrahamic religeons need to resolve which particular sect is right
    2) Get the other religeons to understand this
    3) PROVIDE SOME BLOODY PROOF- not just supposed holes in evolution (2+2 does not equal 5, ergo 2+2=3)

    Comments about the video on MY blog please.

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