A quick roundup of the weekend and the coming week.

My ADD medication ran out over the weekend so I’m feeling the effects of coming off of it today as I’m in a bit of a fog right now. I’ve got prescriptions waiting for me at the office that I need to pick up so I should be back to normal come tomorrow, but right now I’m having trouble focusing on anything for very long. This is going to be a rough week at work as it is because I need to finish up this Disaster Recovery documentation I’ve been working on and that’s been a whole lot of no fun. Plus there’s a couple of other pressing issues I’m dealing with this week that I have no idea how I’m going to solve. I gave myself a migraine last night worrying about it that persisted until I got to work this morning. I so want to go back to doing tech support again. I really am not cut out to be a planner. Anyway, not sure how much posting I’ll get in this week as I’m actually going to be busy at work for a change.

I still haven’t set up the Christmas tree, but I’ll probably do that this evening once I get home from work so that Courtney can decorate it and Melvin can have fun destroying it. This’ll be our first Christmas with a cat in the apartment, but I have lots of experience from growing up with cats so I’m sure we’ll be able to handle it.

Thanks to a little help from my father-in-law we’re going to be able to have a few gifts under the tree for Courtney this year. She’s a good kid so I was pretty upset about the possibility of the tree being bare for the first time ever. She would’ve understood as she’s aware of how tight money is right now, but I still wouldn’t have been happy about it. She even offered to put what she’s managed to save up to buy Christmas gifts with toward the bills. I told her that wouldn’t be necessary, but I appreciated the generous offer.

Speaking of which, I need to get a move on and do some shopping within the next week or so or there still won’t be anything under the tree. We did most of our shopping last year online, but there’s probably not enough time to do that this year. Most of what’s on her Amazon Wish List is anime/manga titles that aren’t currently available anyway so once I’ve whittled that out I’m not sure how much stuff will be left.

Lastly, I’ve been asked to once again play Santa for our building’s holiday party this Thursday. I did this the first year I was here because the guy who usually did it had moved to a new building. Then he came back and the last two years he handled the duties again, but this year he’s too busy so I’ve been called in as an Emergency Backup Santa. I even come with my own hat.

17 thoughts on “A quick roundup of the weekend and the coming week.

  1. He’s too proud. Haven’t we been trying to convince him of that for some time? At least so his blog (of which we profit a lot) doesn’t cost him any money?

    Anybody here know him well enough to know what will make him accept that? grin

  2. Actually, I’ve been looking into both PayPal and Amazon’s similar offering to see which would be the better way to go. PayPal seems to make a point out of hiding the fact that they even offer such a service so I’m tempted to go with Amazon’s much more clearly defined offering. That and I’ve dealt with Amazon enough that I’ve developed a bit of trust for them.

    Still, I’m open to hearing what you guys think is the better way to go.

  3. In terms of connotations; when I think PayPal I know exactly what it involves from past experience… when I think Amazon, I figure I’m trying to be sold something.

    They both may be offering exactly the same service, but PayPal has the name recognition.

    If you go Amazon, I’d recommend at least a “Same idea as PayPal” tagline.

    My CDN$0.02

  4. Thanks, Spocko. I’ve gone ahead and added it to the left hand sidebar along with the Amazon option in case someone prefers that route.

    Life’s all about choices, right?

  5. Damn, looks like I’ve hit my first snag. Apparently I have to upgrade to a Premier or Business account in order to accept credit card payments. This is getting a little more complicated than I expected.

  6. Are you sure that is a Paypal donation form? Looks more like a “bog-standard” Paypal purchase form…

    Anyway – that’s another $10 in your evil wallet.

  7. I used the Amazon “honor system,” and at least from my end, it was really easy.  I’ve had trouble with Paypal, so I appreciate the second option.  Thanks for making your blog available!

  8. I so want to go back to doing tech support again. I really am not cut out to be a planner.

    Les, what is it you do that you switched to after tech support?  I used to do support too, but planning stuff is totally up my alley…looking for ideas.

    I am so glad you finally put up paypal and amazon—SEB rocks!

  9. Ack! I just realized that I set up the Amazon page using the wrong login. I have this weird thing going on with Amazon where they’ve allowed me to register my email address twice and depending on which password I login with it counts as two different accounts. Naturally, I used the wrong one to setup my honor system page. So, as much of a pain as this is, I’m going to tell Amazon to refund the two submissions so far under the “bad” account. I’ve got the sidebar changed around properly to point to the proper account now. I’ve been trying to get Amazon to delete my doppleganger account for ages now.

    Richy, as far as I’m aware that’s the PayPal donation system.

    Shana, my official title is Site Management Regional Planner for Zones E3-E4. Which is a fancy way of saying that I go to meetings to listen to people discuss things I neither understand nor care about. And then when they call me wanting something I tell them it’s not in the plan.

    A big thank you to everyone who has already donated. This will definitely be a big help in making the move to a new hosting service soon.

  10. I used the oportunity to try out the Amazon option… I prefer it over the PayPal. I must admit they’ve done a nice job of it.

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