A Celestial Goody for the New Year

That would be the comet Maccholz, which appeared this summer in the southern hemisphere. Here is a view of its orbit with respect to the inner solar system. This next image shows the comet’s track with respect to the constellations visible in the northern hemisphere. Maccholz is moving rapidly and will cross the celestial equator on the 27th. At that time it will have the same declination as Orion’s belt and will be visible when Orion rises, only further to the south. By the 4th of January it will by close to Taurus, and will be visible after sunset to the south of (and not as high in the sky as) Castor, Pollux and Saturn. On the 1st of March it will pass close to Cassiopeia, and then pass close Polaris on the 11th of March. Looks like plenty of viewing opportunity. (Oh well, third case of comet dissapointment.) At its brightest, Maccholz will be a magnitude 4 object, requiring a good pair of binoculars or a telescope for viewing.

Click for a bigger pic!

5 thoughts on “A Celestial Goody for the New Year

  1. Cool, I’ve got my phenobarbital all ready so I can hook up with the comet and take a celestial tour.

  2. hi 2 all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mwaaaaaaaaaa you know dont be afraid of the comet but you must be afraid to JESUS rather……….all I can say is, “DON’T BE IDIOT OF YOURSELF, RATHER BE IDIOT OF EVIL AND BE GENIUS OF GOD.”

  3. Just possibly, jhazzy was pulling your iBastard cord, Les.  I mean, fear of comets is a bit over the top, even for fundies.  Either way, Sepharo’s got it right: wow.

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