“World of Warcraft” Open Beta signups underway.

If you wanted to try out Blizzard’s upcoming World of Warcraft MMORPG before you buy it then now’s your chance as Open Beta sign-ups are now being accepted. Fair warning: The client install is huge so if you don’t have broadband then you’re probably going to want to wait for the general release. I’ve already created an account, but I won’t be able to download the client until I get home. Once I do I’ll post which server I’m playing on in case anyone else is interested.

16 thoughts on ““World of Warcraft” Open Beta signups underway.

  1. I’ve been playing in the beta some, I LOVE the game. I’m a mmorpg lover though, so I guess it’s no surprise. Looking forward to hearing what you think of the game smile

  2. Despite our dsl connection never neither my roommate nor I were getting higher than a 16 kb/s dl rate.  We figure so many people are currently trying to get it from so few.  Another of our friends got it through the fileplanet premium service and so he got a 160 kb/s rate.  Still took him close to 5 hours.  My roomy and I will prolly get it later on when less people are crowding the system.

  3. We’re downloading the client on Anne’s PC right now and averaging only 50-80Kbps at the moment. It’s estimating another 6 hours or so. We’re hoping it’ll be done by the time we wake up in the morning.

  4. Did you get in? After about a 10-hour download, I got it installed about 9:00PM last night only to find out the registration page had been shut-down for the beta.

    At least the download was painless… they use a good P2P downloader.

    Oh well.

  5. The download finished this morning as I was getting ready for work. I started the install on Anne’s PC and it was still working on it when I left for work.  We already have accounts set up so Anne should be able to try logging in when she gets up, but no idea if we’re able to as of yet.

  6. Well, I too am now the proud owner of a shiny new beta “World of Warcraft” game, but I had doubts for a while.

    It took 26 hours to download and though I have cable, methinks Comcast doth suck.

    I’m not necessarily saying I’m gonna be a worthy opponent but let me know when you’re playing, Les, and I’ll try to join you. Actually, anyone who wants to play, let me know.

  7. Same here Brock, 26 hours on Comcast. When the downloader first started it indicated that I was behind a firewall. I followed their instructions (turned off service pack2 firewall) but the speeds never increased. Maybe I should have restarted the download. Oh well I have it now. How long do you expect this beta to last? Isn’t the game due out soon?

  8. It’s supposed to be out on the 23rd and I’d imagine they’re going to let the beta run until the day before or so if for no other reason than to help build buzz for the game.

    Not that it needs a lot of that at this point…

  9. trying to log in and it says session ended. the community site is down… if i spent that long downloading and dont get in… very good chance i wont be purchasing.

  10. Les, don’t start a character on launch day without stopping by the forums at whipsnap.org…  Bunch of us are planning to play, so you should play on the same server.

    I’d tell you which server that was going to be, but last I looked they still haven’t released server names.  Boooo.

  11. my retraction
    finally got in, problem was me not them (damn firewalls… i hate them so much). it looks very very nice. interested to see what the pricing scheme will be.

    captcha: high… as in ‘im going to amsterdam in a week and will be….’

  12. This game is freakin’ awesome. Veteran’s Day was a complete loss! Where are you guys playing? I’ve found it takes about 8 hours to get to level 10. I’m on Test 40 character name is Kur.

  13. Anne and I started on Test 2 with Nightelves and I don’t recall our names. We started new characters last night on Test 20 to meet up with JethicOne. I’m playing a Dwarf Hunter named Rotom. We made it to level 9 last night before packing it in.

  14. yeah this game rules. its the first mmorpg for me and i definitely see myself throwing copious amounts of time into it. 15 dollars a month…… i guess mmorpg players are used to paying for games over and over but thats pretty steep to me. im playing multiple characters on multiple servers in the east and central, going by digit, digitalis, sadbastard or some variation of.

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