This just in: Gamers prefer playing games to watching TV. Imagine that.

Breaking news out of England where a bold new study has determined that UK video gamers enjoy playing their games more than watching TV. Next up researchers hope to find out if mountain climbers prefer to climb mountains rather than go surfing as well as whether or not book readers prefer to read books over hitting themselves in the head repeatedly with a hammer. I’m sure we all will be waiting on the edge of our seats for the outcome of those studies.

Well, not me. I’ll be busy playing the World of Warcraft beta.

9 thoughts on “This just in: Gamers prefer playing games to watching TV. Imagine that.

  1. Wow, fucking wow. I can definitely see this one. I managed to grab a copy of Halo 2 the other night and I’m gonna be playing it for a week straight.

  2. I’ve lost my son to Halo 2 especially with the live play. He has not watched much television since he first had a game controller in his hand at the tender age of 2 … 14 years ago. Oh sure, there’s the occaisional Invader Zim etc but gaming is his escape of choice and considering that me, his 40 something mother is also an avid gamer, I don’t see that changing.

    Interesting side note: He was part of a study years ago where it came out that the eye/hand coordination of gamers far surpassed that of non-gamers. Duh!

  3. You’re right you know. Apptitude batteries performed on college students have shown that those who play video games have better hand/eye coordination and generally make better surgeons, pilots, etc. I can definitely say that I was “lost” to games for quite awhile actually, but it turned out for the best. I started playing computer games in middle school and by tenth grade I could code in perl, and c and I started learning everything I could about computers since then. Had it not been for Quake, Doom, and Mech-Warrior I wouldn’t have learned even half of what I know now.

  4. Just to play the devil’s advocate here, I think the problem with video/computer games is not their impact on one’s aptitude, values, etc., but rather that they’re more addictive than crack cocaine!  I don’t have any data to back this up, so it’s purely anecdotal, but based on my own experience and observation, gaming can be a hell of a time sink.  For me it was Doom, then Duke Nukem and finally Civilization.  I got to the point where I’d plan my day around my gaming, and I’d stay up half the night plugging away at the latest user map or whatever.  It took having a few kids and going back to grad school to snap me out of my game-induced haze.  I just don’t have time for that stuff any more, but whenever I read something about the latest cool video diversion, the craving I feel is almost physical, and I definitely have to keep it all at arms length.  So far I’ve resisted the Play Station and the X Box, but sometimes I am sorely tempted.  Am I just a weak-willed ninny, or has anyone else had this problem?  Games are just too damned fun!

  5. Yo babypohemus, check this out. I got what you need.  I gots Socrack 2, EverCrack 2, and I just got a pound of that new shit, Halo 2. Oh that ain’t what ya need. What you say you wants the good stuff. Oh yeah, I got it but it ain’t cheap’ It’s gonna cost ya but It’ll you gonna get you hiiiigh! Look here, I got a lil GTA: San Andreas. You didn’t get this shit from me ya hear.

  6. Exactly. ‘Standard’ games ain’t nothing compared to online ones. I recently started with browser strategy games, and they really play hell with your schedules.

    I reduced the amount of games I played from 5 to 1 eventually, because I was sick of having to plan every 3 hour spontaneous restaurant date with friends in advance (something could happen while you’re away!). And sick of getting up at 4 in the morning to check with my fleets…

  7. Etan, Anne and I started out on Test 2, but are thinking about switching to Test 20 to meet up with JethricOne who’s on that server.

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