Testing EE Gallery.

OK, so I’ve got a small test gallery in place using the new module for EE featuring the same nine pictures from my wedding that I had in the other gallery script I was using. For those who want to check it out you can do so by clicking here. So far I’m very impressed with it. It’s not that far off from the Coppermine script I’ve been using and even manages to one-up it by adding in tools to resize, crop and rotate the pics. Best of all, because it’s a part of EE, you can leave comments if you wish and I can pull images from the gallery into any of the blogs I want. Creating a photo blog using this should be easy as pie too given all the tags for pulling in entries and manipulating the data. This is going to be a big selling point for EE methinks. Well worth the wait so far.

6 thoughts on “Testing EE Gallery.

  1. Cool pictures, Les.  You seem to have a happy family.  How long have you been married?  I’m fucking scared shitless to get married to my girl——not that she’s scary or anything.

  2. Elwed, actually I think it’s better integrated than Drupal’s at the moment. grin

    PSOTAS, thanks. We do OK given our challenges. Anne and I have been married for three and a half or so years—April 21st, 2001. Marriage shouldn’t be all that scary. It’s really just a matter of finding someone who can put up with your shit and whose shit you can put up with. Getting along when you’re at your best is easy. It’s when you’re at your worst that the real test is applied.

  3. I know for a fact you receive far less proselytizing on the street than you receive on your site. The fear of being handed a beat down would quell any urge one might have to direct you towards the truth. Damn man, if I hadn’t read so many of your post I would be quite intimidated.  cool smile

  4. I don’t know why. I’m really not that scary looking.  In fact, once I open my mouth I shatter any illusion of being Mr. Beat Down.

    But it is true that I don’t get as much proselytizing on the street mainly because it’s not obvious I’m an atheist.

  5. PenetratingShaftOfTruthAndSemen: 

    I just have to say that your moniker (get it?  I said “moniker” as in “Lewinsky” … huh-huh-huh) just cracks me up every time I read it.

    If you’re scared to get married, go with the feeling; it’s obvious you’re taking it seriously, as it deserves to be.  Marriage isn’t just a piece of paper.  You should only do it if and when you’re ready.

    (Elwed’s been putting up with me for 11 years and counting, the dear, foolish man. wink )

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