Sony backpedals a bit on PSP battery life.

Looks like the skeptics may have been right. Over on Shacknews there’s an entry about Sony clarifying their statements on the potential battery life of the PSP:

Ken Kutaragi spoke to Japanese website Impress PC Watch and cleared up a few details regarding the PSP’s battery life, basically saying the quoted four to six hour window will fluctuate from game to game. He said, “A puzzle game will last longer, but Ridge Racer will probably be shorter than that.” He added that the short life span will be addressed in later revisions of the device, saying “in the future, we’d like a single charge to last for a flight between Narita and New York.” That’s about a fourteen hour flight.

You can bet some of the first articles we’ll see from game mags will be tests of the battery life to get a better feel of what real-world expectations should be. Short battery life has been slowly becoming a bigger issue for portable devices for a couple of years now and the scramble is on to find new methods of fueling power-hungry devices like the PSP. Expect to see lots of third-party battery offerings when the PSP launches. The big question now becomes: Will a short battery life impact sales of the PSP in any significant way?

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