So, is it still too early?

For me to bust out the holiday layout? I’ve been itching to make something a little more festive and this wouldn’t require the living room to be cleaned up first.

21 thoughts on “So, is it still too early?

  1. /grovel
    please NOOOOOOOO!! It’s still November!  What are you in Retail or something?  Control those gut instincts.  12 count ‘em 12 days of XMas!

  2. Hm, interesting point.  Perhaps he should design a template for the EE Template Contest then.

  3. If you do it now dontcha think you might get tired of it before the hols?

    Also, ditto to what decrepitoldfool said. Tim Burton all the way!

  4. Depends… are you thinking Thanksgiving or Christmas?

    I’m for it if you’ve got Thanksgiving in mind. If it’s Christmas you’re thinking of, I’d hold off until the beginning of Dec.

    Just my 2 cents. grin

  5. I’m with Lordklegg.  No Christmas themes until December.  I’ve already begun my boycott list of stores already Christmas advertisements.

    An SEB Theme using Nightmare Before Christmas or Bad Santa would be pretty cool though.

  6. Thanksgiving motif – yes.
    Christmas motif – please no.
    When it comes time Nightmare Before Christmas motif would be cool.

    It scares me that there are already radio stations playing Christmas music 24/7 and have been since the beginning of November *shudders*.

  7. Something in a Nightmare Before Christmas motif, perhaps?

    I 2nd, or 3rd … er… I Nth the motion!

    Jack and Sally can fit any time o’ year in my book… that and watching how you do some EE magick is always phun smile

  8. Twelve days of Xmas is more than enough, I’d say wait.  And to those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving, enjoy!  We can look forward to that smile

  9. Oh hell.  Go for it.  But make it Thanksgiving-oriented.  (I’m ignoring the fact that I just added a Bettie Page Christmas theme to another blog…..)

  10. I’m one of those Christmas Resistors. I haven’t decorated at all since 2000, and don’t plan to do so this year, either. If I do, I’ll write “Bah, Humbug” in rope lights on my roof.

    When I did decorate, the holly wasn’t hauled out until Dec. 15th. And it was promptly put away by January 6th.

    Let’s think about poor, neglected Thanksgiving. It’s totally skipped over- unless you’re a grocery store!


  11. Nothin like early Christmas decorations – ‘specially if they’re strung over your front-porch sofa among Nascar and Jack Daniels paraphernalia.  Wahoo!

    Hey Les, write me at

    It’s a long way from Gingelville…

  12. The earlier the better, I say.  It’s one of the few Pagan holidays (Saturnalia) even some Christians admit to having exapted (no Biblical evidence for December 25).  In fact, why not close the circle and have Xmas All Year Long?  Lots and lots of presents!  Wait, I guess that means lots and lots of shopping… never mind.

  13. I must confess that I am an early Yuletide abuser. I just enjoy this season so much that I have a hard time being patient for the passing of Thanksgiving before I get started. I’ve already put together a list of songs for a potential custom Christmas CD mix for the car and I’ve already wasted time at the local Meijer’s wandering through the Christmas stuff and imagining how I’d decorate my home with it if A) I had a home and B) I had the money. grin I actually found one of those newly popular inflatable light-up figures that I’d like to have for our apartment balcony (it was basically a big Christmas tree complete with working lights). I get very giddy and sappy this time of year and I don’t let the commercialism bother me.

    But I’ll try to resist the temptation to change the template until after Thanksgiving.

    Paul, I didn’t think I’d be eligible for the contest being that I’m a support team member.

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