Sex offender given custody of children.

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A court-appointed evaluator who recommended that a convicted sex offender get custody of his girlfriend’s daughter said he now wishes a judge had appointed an advocate to speak on the child’s behalf.

Attorney David Jaehne said Thursday he spoke with the girl and visited the home before recommending she permanently live with Justin Farnsworth, 31, of Hastings.

“I always talk to the kids. I always go to the home. I interview neighbors,” Jaehne told the St. Paul Pioneer Press for a Friday story.

Jaehne filed his report with Dakota County District Judge Joseph T. Carter, who last month awarded custody to Farnsworth without appointing an advocate for the child, known as a guardian ad litem.

On Wednesday, Farnsworth was charged with three counts of felony sexual misconduct involving the girl. He was jailed on $300,000 bond.

A number of people expressed outrage at the situation Thursday, and some attorneys who represent children questioned why Carter did not appoint an advocate for the girl.

But the Minnesota State Bar Association defended the judge, who has said judicial ethics preclude him from commenting.

“Given Farnsworth’s reported admission of guilt, it is easy to see that he should not have been given custody of the young girl he is charged with sexually molesting,” Bar Association President David Stowman said in a statement.

“Ideally, Farnsworth wouldn’t have had any contact with the girl,” he continued. “However, Judge Carter wasn’t dealing with the ideal; he was dealing with the reality of a little girl who didn’t have a responsible parent to care for her.”

One of the few things that upsets me even greater than any form of intolerance are the mistakes and injustices of our criminal courts.

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  1. The way I originally interpreted the story was that Farnsworth had previously molested the girl as was given custody despite that offense.

    Farnsworth, now 31, was convicted of sexual misconduct with a 14 year old while he was 20 and has been on probation since then.  The judge in this case had considered Farnsworth ‘reformed’ and based his decision on Farnsworth’s current standing and interviews with his children.

    While I definitely think a more suitable choice could have been made on this child’s behalf, 20/20 hindsight is somewhat of a benefit.  With no record of abuse over 11 years, no sexual contact taking place within the family,  and no family members coming forth to care for the child she probably would have wound up in foster care apart from her siblings.

    This is a tragic case of second-guessing a sexual predator and the judge coming out on the wrong side.  Maybe this will send a much needed wake-up call to the child advocacy programs within our judicial system and remove family cases from this judge’s docket.

  2. this judge shood be shot. that girl will now have to go threw extensive theropy as well as she will never be the person she once was. that jude killed who she once was by putting her whith that monster . a cps they try to do this or they blame the child and give them rediculouse dignosise by psyciatrists and they never help the child till the leave that aria after they become an adult . i should know i was a foster child this happened to this was my story and then i was raped in the foster home they put me in by the boys that where in there and they new there pryoer preditory history. it isn’t much diffrent to say the least of what happened hereshe will just quit speaking and no one will ever help her and they will blame her and the mental heath personel will not follow the law she will end up with servear ptsd and major depression all man made and she will be abused more becuase it is a never ending cycal that the state says they help but they are uncapable of actally helping people i have had a hellish life so when i see sombody who gose threw the same shit it and it will be a wounder if she’ll ever trust athority again it is also known that if the system took advantivge of her at a young age she’ll never feel safe with athority becuase they screwed her for life and she’ss have and intamite issues as will as a vendeta agenst men as well as she be more domanite. this man should pay the only way way he can with his life in prison .

  3. I am researching the US to see just how many children have been given to sex offenders for this to happen to them. I make no apology for not trusting that “oh I would never do that to my child, or again, or whatever their lame excuse is” Once you have done it, show me the proof that there is a cure. So far in my research not even castration will stop the urges of these sick individuals. There is no cure, so there is no room for mistake of giving them a second or third chance to do it again, it is only a matter of time until they can not keep their hands off and in the mean time their minds just get to fill themselves with the visions and thoughts of what they would love to do with this child. Across the board, there should never be a second chance because you are risking the life the entire life of that child. Look at some victims and what they have to overcome or what they can not overcome and how they turn out with or without counseling nothing can erase the horrible things done to them by these animals. My opinion, my option to say what I think and I am using this and any other forum that I can to stop the insanity and save a child.

  4. I get upset because all are judged by this judge and man’s actions. People you are wrong all should not be penalized because of another one’s action, yes this judge did a poor job. Our school systems are teaching sex, and believe me I know children are having sex now because they think they are safe, but they are still under age and can be called sex offenders. I had aunts yrs ago that married at the age of 15 and 16 their husbands would be called sex offenders. Parents are also responsible don’t dress a 15 yr old to look 18, and young girls wanting to try sex or are already doing it and you know it then yell sex molester, or dress a 12 old to get her into places that you have to be 13, you are helping them to grow up fast. There are adlults out there still blaming people in their past when they knew what they were doing. All sex molesters are not the same or as horrible as you thing they are, wait until it happens in your family then you will wake u p to how a person life has been destroyed no matter what kind of life he is living now. Thanks for letting me speak my peace, God Bless and may we not destroy others without knowing the whole picture.

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