SEB now beta testing ExpresionEngine 1.2.

We had a little downtime today as I upgraded the site to the beta release of ExpressionEngine 1.2. This brings with it quite a few changes and the introduction of the much anticipated official Image Gallery module, which I am looking forward to putting through its paces. This is a beta so it’s possible you may stumble across something that’s not quite working. If so, drop me a line and let me know. Already the Acronym module has become a casualty of the upgrade as it appears to be incompatible with version 1.2. Ignore that last statement as it turns out it was a mistake on my part that caused the problem and everything seems to be working as it should.

Those of you who are running EE and are interested in helping beta test should drop by the pMachine website and use the link there to drop them an email.

20 thoughts on “SEB now beta testing ExpresionEngine 1.2.

  1. I would be interested in your experiences with this.  I like wordpress but am very interested in finding something with an image gallery integrated into it.

  2. Brian, you can bet I’ll be posting more on it as time goes by.

    Lisa, I just checked and realized that in following the upgrade instructions I effectively deleted the acronym module from my site. Oops.

  3. The update didn’t remove it, I did. The update instructions suggest you delete the folders you’re about to upload from your server first to ensure that there aren’t any issues with overwriting old files. So that’s what I did. Of course the Modules folder is part of that group so it went bye-bye and as it turns out EE don’t like it when you try to call a module that don’t exist.

  4. Oh – I always ignore that part; I can tell if I’m actually overwriting files or not.  Deleting things scare me; everytime I do I delete the wrong things.  I had to re-do my member skins 4 times because of that. *sighs8

  5. Oh, probably because I put them in HTML’s pre-formatted tags and your screen resolution is set smaller than mine. I’ll fix it.

  6. He he .. I am still designing my EE site one year after I first installed it.

    It took me a few months just to get my head around EE, but otherwise I am just very busy so in between all the upgrades can only fiddle with the design from time to time.

    The image gallery looks good. How difficult was it to incorporate in your design LJ?

  7. robert: it just uses normal EE templates with similar tags to the weblog module, but slightly different wording.  It only took me about 2 hours to get the majority of it into my normal templates and then a bit of tweaking here and there over a few days to make it look a bit cleaner. =)

    Pretty easy, really.  =)  It shouldn’t even have taken that long but I did this before the user guide was updated. wink

  8. Robert, the image gallery module installs a sample set of templates as soon as you install the module and I’m using those templates for the moment. So it was literally a thirty-second install and the slap a link onto my page to point to it. The only modification I’ve done to those base templates was to add a JavaScript back link that folks could click on to go back to whichever blog they came to it from (I host multiple blogs here). Then I just started uploading pics and I had an instant gallery.

    I plan to sit down and look at the templates to see how they fit together to see if I can port some of the popular photo blog templates out there to work with it, but I haven’t gotten around to doing that yet. I have already put a “random picture” feature on my wife’s blog and that was a snap to do.

  9. Wasn’t robert’s comment just a way to get a link back to his over priced diet pills page? This isn’t a curious blogger.

    /Someone who has never commented here before and likely never will again unless it includes another link for

  10. Yep, looks like it. I’ll add that one to the blacklist and edit his comment to remove the link. It’s a valid comment, but the link has got to go.

  11. Is there a good guide to starting a blog from scratch somewhere? The technical stuff, I mean.

    I have a domain name, and a very basic website hosted through Yahoo Website Services that I would like to morph into a blog, but I can’t even figure out where to start. Every search I do on the net leads me to a blog hosting service and I’d rather not go that route since I already have a site and a domain.

  12. There’s one or two books out there about the topic with a couple of them devoted to particular packages such as MovableType, but there’s really not a whole lot to it. Or at least it’s not as complicated as it might seem. I’d be happy to try and give you an overview and answer any questions you might have either publicly or via email depending on your preferences. What do you need to know?

  13. Well, how do I start. Do I need to upload a software package to my website? (At this point I’l work with any package you might recommend because I have no starting point.) How do you do the basic configuration of the program?

    I downloaded and took a look at WordPress, and it seems to require MySQL and PHP version 4.1. Are those things that need to be installed on my computer or on my website? I assume when references are made to “my server” it means the site that’s being hosted by Yahoo.

    As you can probably tell by the questions, I’m at a bit of a loss with all this and any help would be greatly appreciated. I’d rather do it here publicly, if you don’t mind, so other newbies can benefit as well.

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