“Resident Evil 4” no longer a Nintendo exclusive.

Capcom has announced that they are developing Resident Evil 4 for the PS2 in addition to the already announced Gamecube version ending the series’ reign as a Nintendo exclusive. Fans of the series know it got its start on the PSOne, but Nintendo paid out a hefty sum to bring the Resident Evil series to the Gamecube exclusively in hopes of driving sales of their new hardware back when it was released. Since then there have been only two Resident Evil titles released for the PS2: Code Veronica, a lackluster port of the one RE released for the Dreamcast, and Resident Evil Outbreak, a flawed attempt to make an RE multiplayer game. RE4 for the Gamecube had PS2 owners wishing it would return to their platform as not only does it look great, but it addresses a number of the problems that have plagued all previous RE titles in the form of stiff controls and crappy camera angles. Now it looks like Capcom is going to grant their wishes as RE4 should hit the PS2 sometime late next year.

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  1. i’m really looking forward to 4 more years of whining and conspiracy theories from liberals.  it would almost do the nation good to elect john kerry, so they will shut up…but then again, we’d probably all be speaking farsi and that language is just too difficult for the old farts to get a grasp on.

  2. I’ve never been a big fan of the series, I had the first one on PSone and I rented Code Name Veronica but I was always disappointed by the damn camera. I did notice that Veronica had less attacks during bad camera angles than the original PSone version but still made gameplay less enjoyable, the silent Hill series has the same problem. The storylines for both of these series are damn creepy and the atmospheric soundtrack adds chills when played alone in the dark.
      Hopefully this new version will add camera control, like using the left stick for rotating, that would make the game a much more enjoyable to play.

      Have you got GTA:San Andreas yet? What do you think? It’s really cut down on my free time to the tune of 4-5 hours a day:exclaim:

  3. Nope, I’m still sans San Andreas—which is a lot more fun to say than it should be—but I’m not too upset about it as I’m not paying for it. The hold up has to do with a quirk about Amazon.com’s “Partners” where they offer products from other retailers on their site. The copy of GTA:SA that I’m getting was offered through GameSpot (other partners include Toys R’ Us and Target I believe) which apparently means that when the order goes through it’s shipped from GameSpot to Amazon and then to me and that adds upwards of a week to the time it takes to arrive.

    I’m not too upset because it was pre-ordered for me by a fellow I did some long-distance tech support work for several months back along with several other titles including Half-Life 2. Considering my financial situation I wouldn’t have been able to buy it myself anyway and we’re close to the holidays when I avoid buying myself games because I might get them for Christmas so the prospect of waiting until Christmas to get it versus waiting an extra week for it to be shipped from one company to another and then to me is enough to keep me from crying too much over the delay.

    I expect I’ll get it sometime this week and you’ll probably read about it once I do. The girly-squeal a glee alone will probably be heard several states away.

  4. And thus another nail in the coffin for Nintendo.  downer

    In other gaming news, Scrapland came out today, which is more or less a GTA clone, but worthy on it’s own merits due to it’s sense of humor, and the fact that the lead producer was American McGee.  [Drools].  I’ll be picking it up tomorrow when it hits the local gaming stores.  So excited after playing the demo!  [fanboi giggles]


  5. les -it belongs here as much as some guy with a t-shirt that say “WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE”  does at republican rally.

  6. Grey, you’re quickly proving to be as big a dumbass as I first suspected.

    First off, even if I were serious about wearing such a shirt to a Republican rally it would be done so as a form of protest against what the Republicans largely stand for. Whether that protest could be considered reasonable or even in good taste is certainly open to debate, but it wouldn’t necessarily be out of place.

    In order for your comparison to be even remotely similar your comment on this entry would have to be a form of protest against Resident Evil 4 and should have some minute relevance in regards to it. Neither of which is the case.

    Or do you just make a habit of interrupting discussions to make critical comments that have no bearing on what’s being discussed at the time? My first impulse was to just delete it as I do most of the other comments that show up on entries they have no bearing to and in retrospect that’s probably what I should have done and saved myself the aggravation of dealing with an idiot.

  7. I think leaving it up helps to prove that some just cannot bring themselves to admit they were wrong, that they made a mistake. grey, being a republican extremist, is showing a weakness common to his breed.

    and grey, hot or not?

    And now I got off the post topic. I hope this doesn’t become another “Oh, by the way”.

  8. That was…odd.  I think grey meant to post in the next entry over….there’s no shame in posting in the wrong place by accident…but there is when you lie about it. 

    What’s even odder is if I had to guess, grey’s username refers to A).  The ousted governor of California.  B).  The alien grey ‘species’ brought up in oh so many conspiracy ‘theories’.  That term is ironic enough though, considering everything referred to as a conspiracy ‘theory’ is really just a ‘conspiracy’, but the last word was thrown on to make the general populace think that anything referred to with that label is absurd.  I follow that kind of stuff as a hobby, and it’s surprising how much evidence some of them have to back their shit up.

  9. I agree completely, nowiser. It was a great thread! I just pity the foo who thought s/he was going there to read about the Matrix.

    Still, sometimes the best things are a surprise.

    And you are ever far from incoherent, dude.

  10. I second “Les”…what the fuck has this got to do with Resident Evil 4? I just want fucking quotes…and I come up with this site? Well…fuck me…

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