Remake of “Evil Dead” in the works.

Looks like Sam Rami will be teaming up with Rob Tapert and Bruce Campbell once again to produce a remake of The Evil Dead. Sam won’t be directing the remake, but is looking for someone who will reinvent the franchise for the remake.

The Evil Dead is such a special film to Sam, Rob, Bruce and horror fans that we are going to take great care in renewing this franchise,” said Joe Drake, Senator Intl. prexy. “By keeping its original formula intact and given audiences’ appetite for horror, we expect that we’ll have a real hit on our hands.”

Pic follows Ghost House’s first horror release, “The Grudge,” which has grossed more than $100 million worldwide to date.

Senator and Ghost House are developing a sequel to “Grudge.”

Other upcoming pics include “Dibbuk Box” from the Pang brothers; “Scarecrow”; “30 Days of Night,” in partnership with Columbia; and “Boogeyman,” to be released by Screen Gems in February.

Not sure if I think this is a good idea or not as part of the appeal of the film was how cheesy it was and the second Evil Dead was kind of a remake in its own right (and my favorite of the three films). But if Sam is producing it then perhaps it’ll be OK. Won’t get my hopes up though.

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  1. Yeah, I don’t know how to feel about this either. I love the trilogy (the second one is also my favorite), and my enitial reaction to this story was to get pissed off.

    However, reading the Sam will be closely involved makes me feel somewhat better. And after seeing the Texas Chainsaw and Dawn of the Dead remakes, and after all I’ve read of Tobe Hoopers upcoming “Toolbox Murders”, I have high hopes that the remake will stick to the spirit of the original and provide that 70s hardcore balls-to-the-wall gore and horror that we all love.

    We’ll see I guess.

  2. of course it’s cheasy, it’s a b-rated movie!  i would like to see it.  if i don’t like it, i just won’t buy the dvd.  i’ll stick to my originals.

  3. [ominous voice]Evil Dead 2 is the greatest movie of all time.  No further sacrilege will be allowed. [/ominous voice]

    Seriously though, if they can remake it well, it doesn’t diminish the value of the original in any way.  Generally, I hate remakes.  This would interest me, however, if they could find someone who could do it with the same blend of humor and horror.

  4. Can any one tell me the diffrence between Dawn of the Dead, Night of the Living Dead, Evil Dead, 28 Days Later and all the other zombie death movies?

    I don’t understand how anyone could enjoy them nor do I understand how they are diffrent from eachother.

  5. Wicked you’re not a horror fan and you wouldn’t understand. I guess you believe that all the drivel coming out of Hollywood is better. How are (list any of the latest and greatest teen phenom, tear jerking, lame ass hits here) they different from one another and how can anyone with half a brain sit through them?

    As for the remake I agree with chrisberez, with Raimi on as producer and the quality of recent remakes ( I thought Dawn of the Dead was better than the original *sacrilege?*), I’ll certainly be forking over my student discounted $5.50.

    [card guessing demon bitch voice] Dead by Dawn…Dead by Dawn [/card guessing demon bitch voice]

  6. My wife doesn’t get them either, and she isn’t enamored with the mainstream Hollywood dreck, Chazzy.  Let’s not let us intelligent, open-minded thinkers be branded with the same intolerant label as those who attack others with differing views.

    That being said…

    Chaz is right, in that one formulaic romantic comedy spilling out of the Hollywood vomit hole is much like another, IN MY OPINION (translation: not to be confused with fact).  Whether or not Wickid likes them is a supposition for which there is no evidence.

    Personally, I feel exactly the same way about the teen romance genre.  I see no reason to subject myself to Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, A Walk to Remember, or any of the other various incarnations of evil that masquerade as entertainment.  There are some adult romantic comedies that I find very amusing, but these are rare, and generally off-formula.

    Formula = A finds B, falls for B, complication arises wherein the fate of A+B is in question, ultimately A and B are united/re-united, and the viewers hope for a dose of reality is unrequited.

  7. You gotta be thinking pretty highly of yourself to brag about brain-eating zombie movies being superior to teen angst movies. Maybe you aren’t a romantic Chazzy, but get off your high horse and dare to shed a tear instead of blood.

    Zombies won’t like you anyway, if you don’t a brain for them to eat.

  8. I never said that horror movies were superior to any other genre. In fact I admit to being a connoisseur of “bad films” and b-movie schlock; definitely lowbrow fare. WICKID asked how anyone could enjoy horror movies in a thread about horror movies and I took that as an insult. So I mounted my high horse guns-a-blazin’.  That said I have now dismounted and am in the process of purchasing a ticket to (insert tear jerker) with tissue firmly in hand. I’m going to get in touch with my sensitive side, thanks Brock.

  9. That said I have now dismounted and am in the process of purchasing a ticket to (insert tear jerker) with tissue firmly in hand. I’m going to get in touch with my sensitive side…

    And so another lover of violence is introduced to affairs of the heart. I don’t say it will be an easier road. You’ll see chick flick producer’s works and you’ll wish for zombies to eat their brains out, but, by and large, you’ll become a Renaissance Man.

    Bloom when you can, oh gentle flower.

  10. whew, I meant no harm when I said I didnt understand how people could enjoy them. That is not to say one can’t I was just looking for an explanation.

    Fake monsters trying to kill retarded people who seem to live in a closet when it comes to self defence just does not do it for me.

    I’m a drama/ action person myself.

  11. You definitely need to see Toxic Avenger.  The retarded kid BECOMES the monster, and brings vengeance most high to the preppies and teen-angst movie-goers.  Amen.


  12. For those of you who love the Evil Dead series, you should pick up “If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B Movie Actor” by Bruce Campbell.  I received a copy as a birthday present and I just loved it. 
    In the book’s earlier chapters Bruce writes about his growing up in Michigan, his early filming experiences with Sam, and his voyage into B-movie stardom.

  13. Two words.


    That being said I’ll still see it but I vow to never watch another Rami or Campbell film ever.  Evil Dead is the greatest horror franchise of my time and I will not stand it being ruined.

  14. How can a remake possibly spoil the original thing? You’ll still have the first three films and a remake is not going to effect them one bit. It’s not as if Sam Raimi is giving them a George Lucas makeover (and remember that Evil Dead 2 was essentially a remake of the first film anyway).

    On a related subject, who here has seen Shaun of the Dead? I got my copy the other day from Amazon and have to say that it’s taken pride of place above all the other zombie films on my shelf.

  15. Hi Les,love the site.Bad news folks;word on Dark Horizons site is that Sam wont direct & Bruce is’nt playing Ash (but may cameo).Most disappointed,as ive always loved Bruces shit.He also once starred in this excellent western series The adventures of Brisco County Jr.Look it up if ya like Bruce – Champagne comedy there!


    That’s it, I predict this movie is gonna suck.

    OK, I’m being silly, but I do admit that anyone other than Bruce as Ash really reduces my desire to see it.

  17. Les,

    I wholeheartedly agree with your first sentence.  It’s Bruce Campbell that made the original movies good.  I don’t know who else but him could pull off the Ash character.

    On an aside, has anyone else seen Bubba-Ho-Tep?

  18. i agree, bruce campbell is what made the evil dead series great, i mean, who else is going to be able to pull off the funny quotes, and the chin? i would like to see a remake, but now i’m not so sure

  19. Shop smart – Shop S – smart…
    Yeah,saw Bubba the other week..Pretty funny stuff,but Bruce stole the show.If not for him it would of been so-so.

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