Recovering from a WoW weekend.

Yep, I’m back. I had Friday off due to the holiday and Anne and I wasted a good chunk of it playing the World of Warcraft Open Beta together rather than doing anything constructive. Anne and I have different tastes in games so it’s not often that we find one we can play together so when it does happen we tend to make the most of it. We were up much later than usual all three nights of the weekend in part because that was when the server load was the lightest and we didn’t sleep in as much as we probably should have to make up for it so we’re both feeling it today. I’m definitely not the night owl I used to be, or at least not as much of a night owl as I used to be.

Saturday they were trying out different server configs to see how it would handle the load and that made trying to play a lesson in patience as the game would lag whenever you moved stuff in and out of your inventory and there were network problems for most of the evening hours that complicated their testing efforts, but by Sunday things had smoothed out. This is a pretty smart move on the part of Blizzard as it should help them to avoid the problems in the first several days that plagued the launch of other MMORPGs where servers crashed repeatedly under the massive loads suddenly thrown at them, but it still caused quite a bit of whining in the WoW forums. With 500,000 people participating in the open beta they have more than enough players to simulate heavy server loads simply by adding or removing available test servers. We’ve been in some major hours into game play so far, but I’ll save my impressions for after the game’s release in case they toss some new stuff in at the last minute. Still, it’s safe to say we’re having a blast with it so far.

When we weren’t playing WoW we weren’t generally on the PCs so that’s why I didn’t post much over the weekend. It was nice to not pay attention to the rest of the world for a few days and just have fun and be lazy. Though we did make it through all the loads of laundry we’d been meaning to get through so it’s not like we were complete sloths. Still, my free time is looking to be filled up even more as tomorrow brings the long-awaited release of Half-Life 2. I need to find a job where I get payed a ridiculous amount of money to play video games all the time.

9 thoughts on “Recovering from a WoW weekend.

  1. “I need to find a job where I get payed a ridiculous amount of money to play video games all the time.”

    If you find one, my son wants it too.

  2. Aha I was tempted by the Wow open beta, but I got sucked into Everquest 2 instead, and I haven’t had much sleep since it went live I can tell you.

    Looks like the old pc that was upgraded only last year is going to need some new parts, more memory better graphics card, faster harddrive etc etc….

    Though I was laughing at the irony of it all today, how we spend all our money on cutting edge technology, to be able to go online and live in the dark ages!  smile

  3. Oh man, Les, I know how you feel! I’ve been marginally unplugged for two years now and I’m discovering how hard it is to re-immerse yourself while being frugal.

    Methinks the the two ideas are mutually exclusive. At least you have a computer that can run Half-Life 2

    Lucky bastard… wink

    Oh, and check this out.

  4. Umm… wow… that’s about all I can say about that link at the bottom of the last comment… Whoever wrote that needs to calm his butt down.  I’ll admit I get angry, but never that bad, the only person who I know that gets that mad is the Jackass known as my stepfather and he scares the crap out of me when he gets like that.  I got half way through that and almost didn’t feel like finishing, but I figured I had to if I wanted to be able to give a proper opinion. For the record, I didn’t read any of the links on the page. Like I said… wow…

    As for WoW it’s fun, I had made a characater on 20 but it lagged bad the day I did so I just joined the server my real life friends were on.  I’m really enjoying the game.  A little upset that I’m gonna restart my character when they do the full release (that is, if I opt to play the game).

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    One question, what is so hard about doing laundry? I mean I can understand if you one is handwashing them and need to draw the water up from a well, I can see how it is a chore. But if one are using the washing machine…

  6. I can’t speak for Les, but what’s hard for me about doing the laundry is that I can never meet my wife’s exacting standards for how clothes should be folded…

    “no, that wasn’t a criticism, dear…”

    I guess you can make money playing games.  If only there weren’t seven gazillion teenagers competing for the three or four good jobs out there.

  7. Chief said:

    Umm… wow… that’s about all I can say about that link at the bottom of the last comment…

    If you can take that link in the way I believe it was intended, as a wake up call, it is worth a read and then another. I loved it.

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