Pontiac kills off the Aztek.

I realize I’m in the minority in this opinion, but hearing that Pontiac is finally giving up on the Aztek is a big bummer for me. It was the car I wanted to buy instead of the Grand Prix I ended up with. Yep, it’s ugly as sin, but it’s a true Gadget Geek’s car and I’ve wanted one ever since I first saw the concept vehicle back when I worked in the General Motors Design Building where it first took form. If nothing else perhaps this means I can pick one up cheap on close out…

Link found via ***Dave who doesn’t appear to share my sense of tragedy over this development.

14 thoughts on “Pontiac kills off the Aztek.

  1. The Pontiac Aztek and the Honda Element have to be some of the ugliest vehicles on the road.  Good riddance.  If I would have won one in a contest I still wouldn’t have driven it.

    Look on the bright side, maybe Pontiac will incorporate all those goodies into something that is a little easier on the eyes.

  2. The Honda Element is a very nice-looking car, from the perspective that it looks like it all came from one kit.  In other words, it is a harmonious design. The Aztek looks like it was forced together from pieces out of several different kits.  So too the Buick Rainier. 

    Design has great economic importance that appears unrecognized by certain automakers and automaker divisions.  But take a look at the Hyundai and Kia lineup – they hired some good designers so their cars look solid and believable.  The cars themselves might be crap – I don’t know – but they apparently knew that car-buying is an irrational process.

    Great-looking cars: the new Mustang, several models of Chevvies, and the Chrysler Crossfire.

  3. An ugly car, but definately one with character and I love cars that have character.  There are too many cars today that all look like the one your neighbor has; dull.  It’s too bad this one will be vanishing.

  4. I like the new Dodge Magnum and am very pleased that the 2005 Mustang returned to its roots for the latest design. The Element looks like a moving brick (I thought vehicles are supposed to be more aerodynamic to improve gas mileage and whatnot, this one appears to be design regression). The Aztec had some of the coolest features ever (even while being fugly), and the new Scion looks like a hipper version of The Element (in other words, a prettier moving brick).

  5. I agree with most of you, the Aztec is a nothing more than a plastic lined, Helen Keller designed steaming turd pile. If you look hard enough you can find something good about most vehicles. However what the hell were the designers at Pontiac on when they came up with this body style? Hey, Bill I know it looks like a tonka truck come to life, but look at the gadgets! Please, you know what kind of men would be seen in one of these design disasters on wheels? The kind that never get laid! Give in to those misogynistic feelings, buy a vette!

  6. Odd, I’d be happy to be seen in a Pontiac Aztek and I’ve been laid many times. Got an offspring to prove it as well.

    But then I’ve never claimed to be your typical male…

  7. I own an Aztek GT 2001.  I like it alot more than my 2004 Volvo S60.  It is much more roomy, practical, and as far as the design is concerned- your negative comments about the design is exactly why car design is today is about as benign and uninspiring as playing bingo with the inlaws on a Saturday night.  Cars should be unique in design.  One should not like all designs, but for the bottom line manufacturers make them to appeal to a broad audience.  The Aztek, on-the-other-hand, dares to defy convention and say “My form follows my function”.  It’s just a badazz mofo. Oh, and try stuffing full sheets of plywood and sheetrock into the back of YOUR suv and close the hatch..
    All-in-all if you like visual arts buy some paintings… cars are cars and not inspiring… they are ordianry especially when millions are made that look exactly the same…

  8. but the aztek looks quite a bit like the dodge omni, only bigger, thats the main problem I have with it.  This was a vehicle designed by a commitee to appeal to a broad audience, it just didnt work.  On the other hand I have to respect its unapologetic ugliness.

    this review nails it: Aztek Review

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