Personal News from Neodromos.

Good news and bad news folks: My brothers are coming home and so is my mother. We found out a couple of days ago that my grandfather has cancer, don’t start as he is a truly evil man, but its enough for the Red Cross to bring my oldest brother home from Germany, my other brother from Iraq, and my mother from Iraq as well. On top of all that, I’ve got two weeks until boot camp and I’ll finally be able to see my entire family again for the first time in almost two years. FUCKIN’ SWEET

3 thoughts on “Personal News from Neodromos.

  1. Neo, I’m so glad you’ll get to see your family again.  Please give them my best regards.  And I’m sorry about your grandfather, even if he’s not your favorite person in the world.  Take care, and have a good time with them.

  2. Thanks, when I heard my family was coming home I was so happy I almost “shat” myself. On another note, my friends often use “shat” in place of shit as it is somehow funnier to us. smile

  3. I agree, shat is funnier.

    I’m so glad to hear they’re coming home!  I am also sorry to hear about your grandfather’s illness. 
    I can imagine it will feel so good to go off to bootcamp having seen your family all together!

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