Now you can have a wish list for everything!

***Dave tells us about a new service being tested over at Froogle, which is Google’s search engine for finding crap you want to buy. It’s the Froogle Shopping List and it allows you to build a list of all the crap you found through Froogle that you want to buy, but can’t afford to yet. Better yet, you can use it to build the ultimate Wish List by merely marking items you’d like someone else to buy for you as being on your wish list!

I’ve been a big fan of’s wish list service for a long time now, but there’s a lot of stuff I’d love to have on my wish list that either Amazon doesn’t carry or charges too much money for. Computer components, for example. Sure, a lot of places also offer their own wish list services, but who wants to clutter up their page with five or six different wish list links? The only real advantage to Amazon’s wish list at this point is that a lot of folks already have accounts at Amazon so they don’t have to set up a new one with a new retailer just to purchase something off your wish list and they don’t need to know your address ahead of time to have it shipped to you, but the global nature of Froogle’s offering is still very appealing. I doubt it’ll replace my Amazon wish list, but I think I may use it as a supplement. If nothing else, the shopping list aspect of it will come in damned handy for my own uses.

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  1. As incredibly cool and useful as this is going to be, it suffers mightly from the clumsy Froogle interface (and the very fact that, in order to put something in, you have to be able to Google down to it.  In other words, once you have the page up with that spiffy item you’re looking for, you have to figure out how to search to it, and hope that Groogle has it indexed). 

    Not that I have a brilliant idea of how to fix that, aside from allowing an open-ended “paste in the URL and the price” setup.

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